Breakdown: a short kinetic novel (beta reading)

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Breakdown: a short kinetic novel (beta reading)

#1 Post by MI_Buddy » Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:09 pm

WARNING: Potential trigger warning!

Hey guys!

I'm looking for beta readers for a new ~20 minutes kinetic novel. The story started out of an experiment: I wanted to see how quickly I could cause a deeply traumatized character to have an emotional breakdown. The KN ends on an upnote though!

The game references drugs, but there's no language or sexual content. Some intense themes and discussions.

Music and 2 painted frames haven't been completed yet, but the music's in the works. If you're interested in getting involved with the painted backgrounds, PM me and let me know! The characters and backgrounds were created by the awesome puppetbomb!

I'm mostly interested in how it overall feels and flows: if any of the dialogue feels clunky, off-focus, if the story's confusing... if any character positions, motions, etc are confusing. If you run into any bugs, I'd like to hear about those too, but you should be good on that front!

You can read it online here! (<2 MB) Please post your thoughts in this thread, and I hope you enjoy your Breakdown! :D
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