[DEMO] ★ DemiDato: Monster Dating Show [Dating Show] [Humor] [Short]

Post demo and beta versions of your game here for testing.
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[DEMO] ★ DemiDato: Monster Dating Show [Dating Show] [Humor] [Short]

#1 Post by timepatches » Sat Sep 29, 2018 7:47 am

Play our demo, out now on itch.io!


Like your demihumans cute or scary, nice or not so nice, girls or guys, or anything in between? Either way, DemiDato is for you! Enter into the monster world's biggest dating game show - will you snag a demihuman to call your own, or be forced to leave alone?

The DemiDato team have created this prologue demo especially for Ren'py Jam to whet your appetite for the full game, with a brand new script and shiny art assets from our wonderful art team! Play this demo if you want to get a feel for the full game without the wait~

In this demo, you'll get to meet just a few of the characters from the full game (which has 12 dateable characters, I might add!), and you'll get just a tease of the game's artstyle and our (hopefully) fun and/or witty dialogue.

For news on the full game, please follow us on Twitter (that's where the sneak peeks go!). You can also follow us on Tumblr, or on the game's main Lemma thread!

Please let us know your thoughts! ★~

★☆ currently: DD's script is finished!! \(*°▽°*)/
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