Kismet - an 18+ TF/TG game just starting out by Lycandope

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Kismet - an 18+ TF/TG game just starting out by Lycandope

#1 Post by olddog » Wed Feb 06, 2019 6:11 pm

Uh, hi!

Important things first - there are no actual graphics in my game. There are just placeholder blocks with text to tell you what they are so you know what you're clicking on.

So you're thinking "Good god, why?" Well, I'm an erotica author (and programmer) and I think I do fairly well with it. I also love games and wanted to make my own, hopefully commissioning art when I feel like I'm in a good place for it.

I'm asking people to trust me on this one.

I'm building a game that remembers what you do and how you act. I'm adjusting dialogue and the world around you as you make those choices. It's not a linear visual novel but more in the vein of Summertime Saga where you have a town map and you can go around talking to people.

The game will be able to be played without any TF or TG in it. In fact, I'm building that as the foundation. You can go through, romance someone and have fun without ever infecting anyone with lycanthropy.

But, if you want that option, it will be there. Want to turn that guy into a lady? Or, want to turn that lady into a sexy cow lady? Well, that's what I'm building.

These won't just be "poof" TFs, either. I'll be weaving in the changes over multiple events and they'll all be tailored to the character. You'll see them change, physically and emotionally over multiple steps. Well. Maybe not "see" it until I get to the point where I have graphics but I'll describe them as I do in my writing style.

So, if you want to try this out to see what I'm trying to accomplish, I'd appreciate it.

The Patreon for the project is here:

A few bullet points for the demo (links following):

1. There are really no graphics at all. Everything exists as blocks. Green blocks are "things" while blue blocks (with two exceptions on the map) are "people". You can click on just about every named thing except for the river.
2. Menu choices don't repeat unless you're at the end of a segment.
3. Menu choices are often remembered, sometimes in small ways and sometimes in larger ways. So, be careful what you choose. This isn't the case where all choices just get you through dialogue and doesn't affect anything. Characters will sometimes remember what you've said or done and react accordingly.
4. The top of the screen contains: Day and time, the current phase of the moon, the map button ("M") and the backpack button ("B"). The backpack is not currently usable. The map button is only available when you're outside of a building.
5. Some clickable things will give different reasons a second time (and eventually more times).
6. There are two hidden characters to find and their appearance is random.
7. Although I did my best for editing, I very well may have missed something(s) and will continue to edit over the course of the game.
8. Only Mary, Mia and Sophia and the dogs have multiple events that take place after the first day.
9. One character isn't around until the second day.
10. It only plays to the second day currently.
11. I did my best to bug test but, as the developer, it's a little difficult to find everything.

The PC Demo is here: ... bCXvCHAtNb

The Mac Demo is here: ... Fzgm0FBSNX

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