Monster Girls: the Advent

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Monster Girls: the Advent

#1 Post by rasalhague » Tue Apr 23, 2019 10:19 am

Here is my demo for "Monster Girls: the Advent", a sort of tribute to the eternal "Monster Girl Quest". This is 90% visual novel with some bits of RPG combat. You'll be submerging in a story combining introspective moments with action in a fantasy medieval world.

Dave, alchemist and budding scientist, works quietly in the laboratory of his home in Kormick, aspiring to understand some day the designs of the nature that surrounds him. Pacific and always prudent, little did he imagine that one of the assignments that would arrive to him would force him to personally venture into Odryn forest... where he can be exposed to encounters with those strange creatures which cohabit the world with humans and other beings: Monster Girls.

Will Dave succeed in such an adventure? Or is this the beginning of something that will forever change his interaction with the world? Take on his role and experience it first-hand!

Link to download the betas (you'll find the English version and the more advanced Spanish version, separately): ... venimiento
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Re: Monster Girls: the Advent

#2 Post by philip » Mon Aug 19, 2019 12:54 pm


I have an earlier version of this story, v0.11, that I downloaded in June of 2018. I discovered this version yesterday, downloaded it and played through. This appears to be a continuation of the earlier story; having the addition of Chapter II, and at the end it hints at a Chapter III. Will there be a third chapter, and if so, when?

I have enjoyed the story, the artwork is very attractive, will wait (impatiently) for more!

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