Battle Royale: For Your Heart! (Battle Royale Themed Parody Dating Game)

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Battle Royale: For Your Heart! (Battle Royale Themed Parody Dating Game)

#1 Post by LegendEx » Wed Aug 14, 2019 6:35 pm


SamuraiStriker, a world famous streamer and professional battle royale player, invites everyone of all skill levels to join him in Legendex Games' Fighters Cup. You, a certified noob (with a heart of gold) decide that there is no other time like the present and enter the tournament. What happens next is all up to you to decide. Are you after that epic victory? Do you want the famed mystery prize? Are you trying to make friends or potentially find love along the way? BRFYH is a commentary on the battle royale genre of games, common visual novel tropes, and a The convention demo encompasses the time a player would spend in a battle royale game lobby. It ends right before the player character gets to choose where they land on the map.
The Convention Demo Includes:

Selectable protagonist.
Four endings and three duo partner options
Partial voice acting.
A variety of dialogue choices.
Two original compositions/
Custom sprite art, UI, and CG.
[Please Note: The convention demo is only a portion of the game's full demo. it includes a half hour to an hour's worth of gameplay depending on the choices you make and how quickly you read. There may be grammar (or other minor) mistakes present that have slipped our eyes. These will all be fixed in the full version of the game.]
Try out the convention demo of BRFYH right here!
There will be an extended demo available in the coming weeks.

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