The Not So Typical Anime Guy [Slice of Life, Harem, Comedy, Satire]

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The Not So Typical Anime Guy [Slice of Life, Harem, Comedy, Satire]

#1 Post by mrrubbaduck » Tue Sep 03, 2019 6:23 am

The Not So Typical Anime Guy
Is this another anime or game where the main character is surrounded by girls that are dying for his man meat and yet he is oblivious to this fact? Maybe or maybe he is not your typical anime guy! Only one way to find out.

Live a day in the life of a not so typical anime guy as he interacts with his fellow class mates that are vying for his love.

Shy, sultry Sakura
It's always the quiet ones.PNG
It's all ways the quiet ones who are the freakiest.

Red hot, radical, Rika
Rika Show.png
Rika Show.png (62.52 KiB) Viewed 432 times
Do Blonds have more fun.PNG
Do blondes have more fun? Rika seems to think so.

This game is a satire of the aforementioned anime troupe. This is the first game I made after learning how to create visual novels, so this is just me testing the waters, so-to-speak. That being said, any feedback you can give me, will be greatly appreciated and would help me improve my future projects.

Despite the subject matter, there is no nudity. There is however foul language, about on par with what you would find on Adult Swim or an episode of South Park.

You can find the various builds here:
PC ... Bwc7rNREPe

MAC ... P3o190dRTO

Newer Android Devices ... KwYdI1Q8ZS

Older Android Devices ... G_yyauTEDQ

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