Messy Academy [vn][mystery/drama/slice of life][Build_0.03][18+]

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Messy Academy [vn][mystery/drama/slice of life][Build_0.03][18+]

#1 Post by princessbridget1999 » Fri Sep 27, 2019 3:59 am


Public Windows build_0.03 here:!j5cRWKra!l3j1aEQZQ3kR ... kUyMNEERMw
Public Mac build_0.03 here:!G5FTUArK!vp2xPfOczu-h ... 8DV9r-6aZ4
Patreon page and more info:

Story:Messy Academy is a 18+ erotic visual novel that puts a major focus on it's story of mystery, slice of life, drama and lastly is themed around diapers. The main goal in mind with this series is that while the game has a general theme of diapers and it's a focus point through the game. The game prides itself on the mystery behind the academy and puts very good work into the world building for these characters. I'd like to think that you could remove the diaper themes all together and with what you'd have left, still be able really enjoy the game purely for it's story and character building. (The game is in the process of slowly moving from 3dcg into 2d art form, as it's always been my intention for this.)

Players will take the role of Brandon, a young man who managed to hack and find a loophole within the academies computer system. He adds his name, along with his two friends to the student list, knowing that the academy would be breaking it's contract by refusing to accept them. But why go through all that trouble to get into an all girl's school? Well in order for him to get the best chances of getting a girlfriend and losing his virginity of course!

But these boys quickly learn that the school has a very unique and padded rule in order to attend.. Who runs the academy? How are they kept in secret from the public's eyes? How are they able to get away with the craziness happening at the school? You'll have to find out by playing Messy Academy..

Tags: 3dcg, Drama, Mystery, Slice of life, Optional NTR, Male protagonist, Optional BDSM, Handjob, Diapers, Farting, Facesitting, Wet, Messing, Humiliation, School setting, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Oral, Straight sex, Creampie, Footjob, Pregnancy, Titfuck, Dirty talk, Erotic spanking, Group sex, Lesbian sex, Outdoor sex, Public sex, Big tits, Small tits, Unlockable sexual content. (Tags can be updated later.)

Current and Planned features:

* A interesting, diaper fun filled, adult story. (80k+ words)
* Fun dialogue choices that affect different outcomes during and at the end of each chapter!
* Free roam map between chapters and at points in main story to build relationships with girls!
* Uniquely made music for the series. (added in future builds)
* 6 Main girls to romance and engage in sexual acts with other girls to engage with too!
* Voice acting! (if goal is reached for funding)
* plenty of side content to explore, with plenty of replay-ability!
* Unlockable outfits and different diaper designs!
*Fun mini-games to test your skills at for some fun results! (added in future builds)

The team behind the game:

Messy Studios is a small tight knit team of different backgrounds that focus on making and releasing builds for a visual novel called Messy Academy. I'm Bridget, the lead director and programmer, UncleArtie as the main writer, LisadiKaprio as our sprite artist and Lavendel as our CG artist.


The game is planned to have at least 10 chapters if not a little more, with each chapter focused on a word count goal of 10-20k each. Right now the game is nearing it's
second demo build release before the end of this month, which has focus on a new system that'll give more freedom to the player for how to spend time between chapters. But this same system is laying the groundwork towards going back and fixing chapter 1 for adding more choices and branching routes in another build soon.

I'm very open to feedback and suggestions, it'll take time to see reflected changes be put into the game. But if they're addressed and brought to my attention, you can be assured that they'll be added. (In less it's something that clearly won't be part of the envisioned story or not possible with the resources given.)



Messy Academy contains scenes of sexual content and is intended for adults only. Any art or implying of characters being underage within the game aren't meant to be done so. While the game is set at an academy, these characters are not underage or minors, nor are they based on anyone in real life. Anything that might suggest these mentioned themes are purely part of fetishes or kinks that might be suggestive, but not intended to play them off as underage characters. There might be routes and choices in the game that lead down some hardcore content, we try our very best to keep a updated list of tags towards the top of this page to warn of this content, in most cases these extreme or hardcore content choices are optional and will give a warning within dialogue or story before hand. We understand that even if our story and character building could be good enough to stand on its own, not everyone will be interested in a game that still has a focus on diapers. That's your choice, as much as one might choose not to play any game with "insert fetish/kink here".

The team behind the game takes no responsibility for anyone under the age of 18+ who decides to ignore our warnings and play the game on their own will.
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Re: Messy Academy [vn][mystery/drama/slice of life][Build_0.02][18+]

#2 Post by princessbridget1999 » Mon Oct 21, 2019 1:40 am

Build_0.02 has been released to the public.
-Free day open roaming map system and stat menu added to game.
-All character scenarios done (except Miki and Nova unfinished, done in build_0.03)
-Minor changes to chapter 1.
Build_0.03 has been released to patreon.
-Free day section is completely finished!
-Chapter 1 has seen a rework in story telling, dialogue, visuals and added choices.

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