Sprites: poses vs outfits.

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Re: Sprites: poses vs outfits.

#16 Post by uselessp » Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:30 am

It depends on the genre and character of game you want to make. For example:

1. In RPG/Actions, poses and outfits are very important. You can defines the situations a whole lot better by changing the combination of attack poses/states of character. Tattered clothes may help when the character is depicted wounded r attacked. Wielding a weapon and showing fighting stances depicting the character will attack.

2. In normal/no-actions, outfits are important. In no-fights VNs, clothes can define the character better. Since there's no thrill inside the VN, outfits will give the colorful feelings for it. It is so that the reader won't get bored by one-styled outfits.

Both poses and outfits are good either way. But you MUST think what kind of game you are making to be inserted by those characters you made. Although strangeness can be good, but it is preferable to use the right choices for the right results.
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Re: Sprites: poses vs outfits.

#17 Post by Tetiel » Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:34 am

Hmm, well a good solution to this is Persona 3's main character sprites. Fuuka as an example:
http://www.spriters-resource.com/psx_ps ... heet/24743

She has quite a few outfits, but only two of them have different arm/body positions. This lessens the amount of work for the artist. Instead, they have saved time by doing different positions of the head. It still conveys a strong emotion change, but allows for very little extra work. It's pretty inspiring, actually.

Tales of Graces f also does well with this where the character is actually drawn about 10 different times in different positions. There is no change in outfit, however, each body position conveys strong emotion. The only thing that changes in each of these is blinking and mouth movement animations. If the VN is in a fantasy setting, I think this is a reasonable option (it's a ton of work, but looks awesome). I imagine people wouldn't worry about changing their clothes so often if they're running around saving the world xD Unfortunately, Slice of Life kinda requires multiple outfits for different situations.

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