How long do you take to create a piece of art?

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Re: How long do you take to create a piece of art?

#16 Post by Tetiel » Tue Oct 02, 2012 3:19 pm

...oh god, I don't even want to know. LWR has it spot on with the whole I'll estimate something and then double that number to get accuracy. Everything depends on the level of detail, if I'm designing the character, if I have any severe anatomy errors I've only just figured out after completing the lineart (happened to my recently).

Let's assume I'm designing a character for a game. It's currently relevant.

Doing research and finding references/inspiration to get a feel for what I'm doing - 2-3 casual hours. Doesn't feel like work so it's difficult to say
Drawing the basic figure/anatomy - 30 min - 1 or 2 hours depending on complexity of pose
Drawing hair/clothes - 1 to 2 hours depending on detail, but we'll go with heavily detailed and say 2 or 3 trying to create a balance of detail and features to create a well composed character.
Lineart including changes to the anatomy of the piece since I always find some in the sketch - 3-5 hours
Base colors with a crapload of changes and playing around to find some balance - 2 hours
Superfuncolortiem including adjustments as needed - 5-7 hours

...I don't even want to add that up. I'm just outright refusing to. I don't want to know, I just don't want to know v_v The nice thing is, when I don't need to do all the designing and I have the colors already figured out, it doesn't take nearly as long. Needless to say, I'm super jealous of people that don't take very long. I'm not sure why I'm as slow as I am.

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Re: How long do you take to create a piece of art?

#17 Post by purplefinch » Sat Oct 06, 2012 1:53 pm

Drawing the concept sketch takes me 5 mins - 1 hour

Outline the sketch to further in details can take me couple of days (which means the hours = 4 hours)

doing the lineart with a pen takes me not so long. probably an hour if I don't procrastinate.
But if I don't like the lineart, or the picture guess what, I throw the picture away and start new until I like what I'm seeing. good tip for people except don't do it all the time or you'll just end up with nothing.

That process right there can take me a week because I decide if I like the picture/pose/concept enough then, I stick with it. But sometimes I'm lucky and make something quick in just a few hours.

After I do the lineart, I scan at large dpi (humongous size), and fix errors. If I find an error that I don't like, I fully erase it, print out the full size image, redraw (or add something) then scan it back. For exmple if I don't like the hands, I erase on photoshop then print... then redraw, then scan...
That process of time varies... few hours if I feel motivated, one day...

after that, I print out a copy of the final finished black and white of the image, and I assign where I want the shading and highlights to be using coloured pencils. I keep that as a reference as I work on the image.

Colouring can take me 3 days, the average for me is 4 days (which is probably 7-13 hours as an estimate.)

The whole process... fastest I got with a cg was one week. Slowest was 3 weeks, average is 2 weeks lol.
If I had nothing else to do in life then it would be much faster. But studying and school and other parts of life (plus video games and procrastination) has to come included as well unfortunately.

and of course if there were deadlines then yes it would be speedier.

wish I could 'time' my drawings. That gives me an idea...

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