How to use Asset Creation: Art (newcomers, please read!)

Questions, skill improvement, and respectful critique involving art assets.
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How to use Asset Creation: Art (newcomers, please read!)

#1 Post by Taleweaver » Thu Dec 13, 2012 3:38 am


this is your friendly neighborhood Taleweaver with another service announcement. This one is specifically for the new people arriving on these forums every day, though maybe our long-time users may find it interesting as well.

The Asset Creation: Art forum revolves around the creation of art as an asset for story-based games. Thus, we heartily welcome all topics of the following kind:
1) Tutorials of any kind, as long as they revolve about art or how to implement art in games. So "How to draw hands" or "How to scale characters and backgrounds realistically" are valid topics for threads in here.
2) Discussions about art styles in general, e.g. "Advantages of cartoon style versus manga style" or "How to achieve a realistic impressionist art style"
3) Discussions about hardware and software used for creating art, e.g. "Drawing tablet recommendations", "Best free software for drawing" or even "Where do I get cheap canvas and easle?"

NOT in this forum go:
1) "Critique my art" or "Look at my drawings" threads. We have the Personal Art subforum for that. If you only have one or two pictures to show, there's also our "Show your art" thread.
2) Questions that revolve only around the art of the one asking the question, like "Am I drawing these hands right" or "Does this look good?" Again, these go in our Personal Art subforum.
3) "Please recruit me for your game", "I'll draw your character" or "I'm taking commissions" threads. These belong into our Recruitment forum.

Follow these rules and you won't find your threads moved, and me a happy Taleweaver.
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