cintiq vs tablet computer with stylus: recommendations?

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cintiq vs tablet computer with stylus: recommendations?

#1 Post by Wintermoon » Thu Jan 14, 2016 12:30 pm

I've tried using a traditional Wacom tablet, but I'm having severe trouble coordinating what my hand is doing on the tablet with what's happening on the screen. What I really want is a tablet with a built-in display, so that I can see what I'm doing. The way I see it, I have two options:

1. I can invest in a Wacom Cintiq.

2. I can buy a tablet computer with pen support, such as a Microsoft Surface.

Both options are expensive. Option 1 has the obvious advantage that I don't need to shuffle files to/from my computer. Option 2 has the obvious advantage of being more portable and of being useful as more than just an input device. Option 1 is probably a better input device. I'm also worried that option 2 may be too restrictive in terms of software, unless I get a Windows tablet.

So: does anybody here have any experiences with either option that they'd like to share? Is a tablet computer with pen support good enough for serious work? How does the software side look on Android and iOS?

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Re: cintiq vs tablet computer with stylus: recommendations?

#2 Post by YonYonYon » Thu Jan 14, 2016 3:39 pm

I have a Cintiq 12WX, so it's a pretty old model.

1) It's highly unportable thanks to lots of cables.
2) Its screen slightly distorts the colors, makes them more warm and yellow-ish, even if you'll fix the settings.
3) Otherwise, it's really cool and handy.

I don't have tablet computers that allow you to draw, but there's a free drawing program called Medibang that works on Android and iOS. It also has a functionality of Photoshop if not better, like, perspective rulers and many various brushes and special tools to make comics. here they show off what it can do on Android devices.

You also can buy tablets from other companies. Like, I've heard a lot of Yiynova. Like here ... be-able-to ... iew-for-my

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Re: cintiq vs tablet computer with stylus: recommendations?

#3 Post by SundownKid » Thu Jan 14, 2016 4:16 pm

Major disadvantages of the Surface:

* Size (the Pro 3 is 10.8 inches and Pro 4 is 12.3, while the Monoprice tablet is a whopping 22 inches for cheaper than the cheapest Pro 3 and the Yiynova is 19 inches).

* Precision (if you are going for max precision, then Cintiq or a tablet with Wacom digitizer is the best choice... but that really only matters for pro artists).

If you dont care about it being literally half the size of a tablet, and would rather have portability, get a Surface Pro. Otherwise get a tablet.

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Re: cintiq vs tablet computer with stylus: recommendations?

#4 Post by Auro-Cyanide » Thu Jan 14, 2016 7:07 pm

I don't think there are currently any tablet computers that can compare with an actual drawing tablet in terms of responsiveness and pressure. Their technology with going else where. Wacom DOES have companion tablets now that run windows so are functionally a computer.

I recently upgraded from an Intous 3 to a 13HD Cintiq Touch and it's a model I recommend. I've found it to be very portable (though there are a lot of cables) and it's a very good drawing tablet. You do still need a computer to use it and a power source, but apart from that it's been fantastic. Most of the other Cintiq models are very much not portable.

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Re: cintiq vs tablet computer with stylus: recommendations?

#5 Post by Nekobako » Sun Jan 17, 2016 10:21 pm

I would always always recommend a drawing tablet above a tablet pc. However, you're narrowing your options down way too much by only looking at cintiq. You could get a Cintiq Companion if you're really that worried about portability, but if you're not there are a lot of other options.

My boyfriend has a Yiynova msp19u and he loves it. There are tons of cintiq alternatives, and a quick google search will net you a lot of different results with reviews and comparisons. I think it's absolutely unforgivable that Cintiq has inaccurate color, especially for its price tag, and I would really really recommend that you look into alternatives.

Also, completely forget about Android/iOS. An iPad or Samsung Galaxy tablet might be fine for little travel things if you buy the wacom pens for them, but the software is nowhere near as robust, and they're completely nonviable as primary drawing tablets.

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Re: cintiq vs tablet computer with stylus: recommendations?

#6 Post by chocojax » Mon Jan 18, 2016 1:16 am

I have the Surface Pro 3 and 4, and a Cintiq 13HD. So far, I've been using my SP4 a whole lot more than my Cintiq.

The SP3/4 is pretty fine for serious work. It handles fine for drawing, and it's not like it'll randomly mess up while you draw. As an example, here's a drawing that Noah Bradley did on the SP3.

I don't really see how a tablet computer could be too restrictive in terms of software, since... it's a computer. Unless you mean if it's powerful enough to handle it? It might get pretty hot if you use a high-demand drawing program.

Surface Pro 3/4:
+ Computer and tablet combined
+ Easy to travel with, carry around everywhere, convenience
(depends) Size
- Slight lag (Both times I've adjusted really fast and now I don't even notice the lag)
- Lower pressure sensitivity levels (I personally cannot tell the difference between 256 and 1k+)
- Need to calibrate if it's off
- (for the SP3 only) Occasional jagged lines when drawing with hand on screen

Cintiq 13HD:
+ Extra screen!
(depends) Have to set up with an existing computer
- Clunky to carry around (I've brought it with me whenever I go home)
- Need to calibrate if it's off (I actually never had to recalibrate my SP3/4, but I've recalibrated my Cintiq many times)

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Re: cintiq vs tablet computer with stylus: recommendations?

#7 Post by CarrotyCat » Thu Jan 28, 2016 3:42 pm

Our team's illustrator is currently using a cintiq companion v1. It's pretty good but feels that the v2 is better as it can be attached to a PC as a normal tablet.

If you're on a budget, the older Intuos is reliable and very hardy.. Though you might need to look into the secondary market to get your hands on one.

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