Lineart+Color Semi-Profesional. How much cost? (+18)

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Lineart+Color Semi-Profesional. How much cost? (+18)

#1 Post by johandark » Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:28 pm

I´m working on a project with Adult content, that is starting have certain success. (Click here to see my Patreon).

Right now I´m paying a great programmer who is helping to improve the game, also I´m advancing the story, but Patrons want story be painted.
If I paint, then story has to stop... since I can´t do everything by myself... So I thought on pay someone who help me to save some time on that matter.

Here is a process of my work:


Before Lineart:



All Layers:

Some other examples that has to be Lineart + Colored also:

So I would need, not only the art in High Resolution (I work on 5333x4000 resolution). Also it should be done in Clip Studio (New Manga Studio). And the style should be similar at mine or even improved without too many changes. The painter should send me the clip Studio File, so if at any moment I have to make some change or add new expressions or add a tatoo or anything else.

SO here comes my question.

What are the fair price for Lineart+Color in this style for these things?

Full Body, Middle Body, Bust, Eyes, Mouth, etc...

I recived offers to make it for free, but since I´m starting to earn some coins and taking in mind I take this as a job I would like someone to take this task more or less seriously... but also I don´t want to pay for a full-professional artist... Someone like me, who can paint like me... I never painted before this... I was a manga-artist... so my color skills are somehow limited...

I don´t know... I just want to have some information before start to talk about prices and rates with artists...


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