Easiest Mac software for posing 3D character models?

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Easiest Mac software for posing 3D character models?

#1 Post by Rainvillain » Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:55 am


I'm hoping to incorporate some basic, low poly silhouettes of 3D character models into VN's background shots.
I have zero experience with any sort of 3D modelling so I'm hoping to purchase/commission a few simple 3D models, which I would then superimpose and pose on my existing BGs, and then essentially export this shot as a PNG. OK, the whole process has several more steps, but that's the gist of what I'm doing.

My problem is I've never purchased/commissioned rigged, low poly character models before and I'm not too sure how to proceed. Specifically, I would need the assets to be rigged and for me to be able to open them in software that runs on Mac so that I could then pose them and create 2D art out of them.

Is there specific software that works on Mac and is relatively easy to use as far as: importing 3D models, posing them, exporting them as PNGs?

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