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Can someone help me with Proportions please?

Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:17 pm
by piratequeen ... 1525108510

Image ^

Right now I'm focused on women, and whenever I draw them they never look proportionate or naturally posed. In the layout form, I think it looks normalish, but when I add the skin/muscles the girl becomes like a plank of wood. I've watched videos on muscles, body shapes, but when I draw them (especially the breasts/shoulders/hips) they dont look as curvy and exaggerated as I would like.

This is always a problem cause when I add clothing, I cant form them tightly around the body without it looking weird.
Any help is appreciated.

Re: Can someone help me with Proportions please?

Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 6:00 am
by Mammon
A lot of the problems you're highlighting in your image are pretty common problems of drawing. Because it's drawn, things can look weird. If its a photo, you know it's how it's supposed to look and it won't look as weird. But focus on people's neck length and you notice how weirdly long they are sometimes without one noticing.

With the arm brushing the hair, it's a bit too long and the upper arm too short in comparison. Both arms are a bit too long. But the main problem lies in the hand being too small causing more of a proportion issue. It has to be broader and a bit longer, which is a very difficult thing in drawing because there's a razor-thin line between too small and too large. Similarly there's a real thin line between these hands being too chubby and too spindly. These are common issues that a lot of drawers have problems with.

With the breasts, that's a bit difficult. I don't like it, but often my solution is to make the breasts bigger and rounder despite this making them look cartoony and unrealistic. But ironically, less disproportionate in the overall image. The advice I can give to fix the issue without doing that, is the following; The breast to her left should be a bit more to your left, because she stands a bit to the side the breast shouldn't be directly pointed at the camera as if she's facing you directly. And the stomach line shouldn't curve out at the end, while it should keep that hourglass curve it should uncurve and go more straight up just before it runs into the breast.

Hope this helps!

Re: Can someone help me with Proportions please?

Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 10:46 pm
by frylander
Hi there,

I'm not an expert when it comes to art, in fact you probably are more of an artist than myself, but this was a nice practice for me nonetheless so here goes my tips.

In these I give some tips on some specific parts that you asked for like hips, shoulders and breasts but I also give some tips for poses and general drawing, these are things that I learned over the almost two years that I've been drawing now, and I don't always use all of them but it's nice to know about them.

Again, I'm no artist and I still got a lot to improve, you art itself was pretty good specially the face. I've been drawing faces for almost two years and it's still hard for me.

Your anatomy mistakes aren't too hard to fix and could even be justified by saying they are "stylized" but if you aim for a realist proportion scheme, all you need to know is how bodyparts work in relation to each other

For instance: At rest, elbows reach slightly above the belly button, and the wrist rests around the crotch level. If you know those things you can then figure out if your arms are too long/short, though it gets tricky in perspective.

Also I believe your last piece falls flat because you outline too much your character and remove lots of the anatomy parts from the body. Use overlaping lines so it's not just a clean, flat outline around the character and try to hint more at anatomy inside your character. Apart from the anatomy make sure your character has volume, the volume should be aparent just by the linework, at least most of it.

I wrote some tips in the images too though with the mix of my terrible handwritting and photoshop lagging, some parts may be unreadable lol. Let me know if you need me to decypher anything from there for you >.>

Good luck with your art and have a nice day!

Re: Can someone help me with Proportions please?

Posted: Sun May 06, 2018 1:06 am
by Draziya
Flipping the canvas is your friend! Flipping your image showed to me that your image was tilted forward a bit.

Here's the flipped version but rotated and with a leg moved to balance it.

I sketched over it with a quick rendition of how I might personally go about it. Generally the breasts are lower than you might think, changed the positioning of the arms, and made the face a bit higher. The last change is definitely because my style has the faces higher, but I also did it because doing so makes the neck seem less long/wide in comparison.

Hope these help in some manner!

Re: Can someone help me with Proportions please?

Posted: Sun May 06, 2018 7:15 am
by ComputerArt.Club
For me, I use a lot of reference material. I would suggest that you either pose a digital 3D model or an actual physical model (you can get both digital models and physical models in a variety of styles, ill post links later if you are interested). Also photographs, pictures, video and animation also help. A mirror or camera also help. be your own model or ask a friend/actual model. going to life drawing classes helps too.