Sprite Sizing for First Project

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Sprite Sizing for First Project

#1 Post by Blantech » Tue Jun 12, 2018 4:34 am

I apologize in advance I saw one on sprite sizes already on here on page one but it didn't really help me out any and I a googled this and got an old hit on this forum but not sure on it, it was kind of vague. Basically I am doing my first ever project on Ren'py and well its slow but going and I am at stage I got heeps of potential background images ready to fire off as needed, but I started doing sprites myself and realized I have no idea what screen resolution I should aim for.

On one I googled up I saw 400-600 by 600 for a 1280x720 that just seems so massive for what I am doing now I got my first sprite loaded in that resolution. I can do trial and error but rather poke around for advice. These are just simple sprites to show up during basic conversations and events not cg events I am gonna doing those as well plus getting size right for that as well may just make those take up full 1280x720 though.

Anyways I looking for advice for sprite resolution goals for sprites that I can have more then one on screen at once, right now looks like if I put 2 or three on at resultion I got it would just look super cluttered on screen. I mean this last little hurdle I got got spend hours doing this then I just got write the code, and finish my script. But I got the plot I don't want to finish the script for the characters till I get them and the backgrounds ready, so I can look at it and go this sounds better for that char to say in this setting. I mean having the backgrounds is huge helpt so far to me working on how I will have the events fold out but I need to get those sprites for moods to get started on feeling satisfied on the voice, and just mood of the character as he/she speaks in that moment.

So just need advice for 1280x720p sprite sizes for a set up where a group activities will come up and I can have 3 of them out with out feeling like I am suffocating my player or audience.

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Re: Sprite Sizing for First Project

#2 Post by Mammon » Tue Jun 12, 2018 4:48 am

With the sprites you don't have to worry too much about it, you won't have the issue of coming short. Just focus on them looking well. Adviced is to make them bigger than the size you'll eventually use and downsize them. I usually go for 2000-3000 pixels high and whatever the appropriate width for them would be. After downsizing, the blurring effect can obscure some of the flaws and messiness. If you're using 720p high, then you can make anything from 900-3000p and size them down to 650-700p (so they hvae a height difference amongst each other and without their heads scraping the roof of the screen.)

With the CGs, that's when you have to be sure what size you're going to use. You can't (or at least shouldn't) resize things after making the CG and find out you're missing a few hundred pixels at the sides.

If you're curious what resolution to use, just open an A-label or big online game on your computer and go to options. They usually have the list of the most used and popular resolutions to select from.

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