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Screen Dragons

#1 Post by Alte » Wed Jun 12, 2019 9:58 pm

Perhaps it can help with handling references without multiple devices on or as a logo/ watermark for video stream.
Basically, drop an image on screen dragon and picture will stay on screen. Right-click for pop-up menu.
This application is relatively lightweight.



"A Screen Dragon is a frame-less, re-sizeable, movable image that can be viewed transparently and alpha-blended.

Each Screen Dragon can be loaded with multiple images, multiple Screen Dragons can be run at the same time."

Screen Dragons have many uses:
  • A Screen Dragon can be used as a simple on screen display that is easily re-located and sized to not interfere with other windows.
  • It can be used as an image palette holding multiple images for reference or perhaps to be copied into another application when required.
  • A Screen Dragon is easily used to thumb through a folder of image files, then open explorer with that file.
  • Used with screen capture, a Screen Dragon can be added as a logo or watermark or highlight or used to create a collage of images.

Controls from README:

Most functions in the pop-up menu have key combinations shown.
In addition to those functions:
  • Scrolling the mouse wheel will change the alpha-blend.
  • Using UP and DOWN keys will also change alpha-blend.
  • Scrolling the mouse with the SHIFT key held, will change the size.
  • Holding the SHIFT key down and using UP and DOWN keys will also change size.
  • If there are multiple images in the internal list, double-clicking the image will traverse the image list forward. With the SHIFT key held down it will traverse backwards.
  • Holding the SHIFT key down and using RIGHT and LEFT keys will also traverse the image list.
Hope this helps.
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