Pls Help with Drawing Tablet

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Pls Help with Drawing Tablet

#1 Post by Nommmn » Sat Feb 29, 2020 8:56 pm

Hello, I'm going to buy a drawing tablet and wanted to know what one of those is the best. I don't have lots of money and they are kinda expensive where I live so It's a very hard decision. Sorry for any bad english :|


Huion H430P

Huion Inspiroy Pen Tablet (H950P)

Huion Inspiroy Pen Tablet (H640P)


Wacom CTL4100 Intuos Creative

Please help, this is very important !!!!! >_< !!!!!

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Re: Pls Help with Drawing Tablet

#2 Post by puppetbomb » Wed Apr 08, 2020 9:20 pm

Hopefully this response finds you in time, but if not, then hopefully it helps someone else ^^;

If you have space for it, I suggest the Huion H950P. The other tablets you've listed have extremely small working areas and aren't the best for art programs. Personally, working with a small tablet feels limiting, and other artists have mentioned that using a small tablet for a long time have caused hand cramps.

If you move your workspace a lot, have very little storage space, or only use the tablet for games, then it makes more sense to get a small tablet.

I've only used Wacom, but both Huion and Wacom seem like solid choices for non-display tablets.

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Re: Pls Help with Drawing Tablet

#3 Post by LateWhiteRabbit » Thu Apr 09, 2020 1:48 pm

I have experience with both Wacom and Huion tablets. I can vouch for both.

Honestly, I'm using a Huion Kamvas Pro 22 display tablet to draw on now, and it is amazing. Easily as good as the Cintiqs from Wacom I've used in the past, and much, much cheaper.

Huion is giving Wacom a much needed run for their money. I'd suggest anyone looking to save money and still get a good drawing tablet to check out Huion's lineup.

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