Visual Novel Prologue Test Script

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Visual Novel Prologue Test Script

#1 Post by Poorman973 » Fri Sep 09, 2022 2:28 am

My friend Bryan and i have decided that we should try to make a shorter more straightforward test visual novel using the same characters only years before the romance visual novel. This is taken place from the perspective of one of the side characters of the main game. Here we learn about some of the characters and how they came to be in the world the game is set in. This starts just after the character Daniel Lonstronie's wife has passed away and the arrival of Kiletra his soon to be adopted daughter. I don't really know what i am doing so i kept this short for right now but i would like some feedback if possible.

The test script:
Sound effect: Door opening.

Event picture #1: Daniel Lonstronie leaning over a table with empty glasses scattered across it. The room is dark lit only by the open door.

Dr. Richard Kelly: Lonstronie, what are you doing?

Event picture #1: Lights get turned on. Room is a white laboratory break room, some chairs, tables and a couple vending machines. Daniel has not moved, he has his hand resting on the side of his face and he look miserable.

Dr. Richard Kelly: Look I know you have had it rough but I got to say this might be the first time I have ever seen a man try to drown his sorrows in apple juice.

Daniel Lonstonie: What do you want Rich? Can't you see I am on break? Leave me and my apple juice alone.

Scene change to break room background:
+Dr. Richard Kelly's sprite appears in the middle of the screen.

Dr. Richard Kelly: Not anymore your not. We found another one and you are needed at the control booth.

Daniel Lonstronie: *Sigh. Ok, fine. Let's go.

-Reluctently I get up and follow Rich to the control booth. Here I am doing things that were once only science fiction to my ancestors but here I was right in the middle of it.

Scene change to black background:

Sound effect: Machines charging up.

-It took a couple minutes to walk across the massive building but I could still hear the sounds of the machines spinning up.

Scene change to control room background:
+Dr. Richard Kelly's sprite appears in the middle of the screen.

Dr. Richard Kelly: I hope we get a good one this time. The last one was disappointing and both doctors King have not been back to the lab since they took responsibility of the brat.
(In whispers) I have even heard they are thinking of retiring.

-I just shrugged my shoulders. It mattered not what others were thinking of doing. At least they still had a future.

Background change to light pouring through the glass observation window.

Event picture#2: A scientist in a hazmat suit holds a small baby in their arms, seen from the observation window.

Dr. Richard Kelly: Another baby? Is this stupid machine even able to produce anything else? At this rate the project will be canceled. Mr Branded is a patient man but he knows when something is nothing but a big waste of money.

Scene change to observation room background:
+Dr. Richard Kelly's sprite appears in the middle of the screen.

Dr. Richard Kelly: Hmm? Dr. Lonstronie? Are you ok?

Event picture #3: Close up of the infant in the arms of the scientist.

-I couldn't manage to answer Rich, I could only stare down at the child being held by Dr. Change. It couldn't have been older then maybe one year old. Clothed in brown colored fabric and short black hair growing from it's head.
-Without knowing what I was doing I ran from the room.

Screen change to black background.

Dr. Richard Kelly: Doctor? Where are you going?

-I ignored him and the other cries of my colleagues and raced to the lab floor. I had no idea why, I just felt like it was something I needed to do.
-Once I reached the door I pulled out my access card and over righted the quarantine. The door flew open with a *whoosh sound and I rushed in.

Background change to lab floor:
+Dr. Change's sprite shows on screen holding the baby.

Dr. Change: Dr. Lonstronie! What are you doing? Do you even know what you have done!?

Daniel Lonstonie: Yes.

-Dr. Change shook her head and handed the baby to another person.

Dr Change: Alright stay here, I will get you and the child transferred to the quarantine area.

Screen change to black background.

Check out some of these characters from the notes i have for the main game to learn about some of them: ... -913303512

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