What is your specialized genre?

Questions, skill improvement, and respectful critique involving game writing.
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Re: What is your specialized genre?

#31 Post by Funnyguts » Mon Jun 24, 2013 8:11 pm

I don't write in a single genre, I just recycle the same characters (snarky girl, excited girl, awkward girl) in as many genres as possible.
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Re: What is your specialized genre?

#32 Post by Rinima » Fri Jul 19, 2013 1:51 pm

For me, I would say either psychological (the one's that make you think, such as Evangelion, Madoka or SaiKano), slice of life (not necessarily in a school), or the angst ones that you find on ff.net.
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Re: What is your specialized genre?

#33 Post by jellyfishsoda » Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:13 pm

I'm big into psychological/societal commentary and fantasy genres. Most of my stories except one involve serious adult themes, but the one that seems to have the most adult content is more a commentary on society. I love using symbolism.

I'm not a huge fan of slice-of-life or regular romance types, or gory horror. I can do psychological thrillers and horror of that nature.

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Re: What is your specialized genre?

#34 Post by AquaEG » Sat Jul 20, 2013 1:49 pm

All my stories have romance in it. :D It's the one genre I have tons of experience in and the one thing that I can actually move people emotionally with. Otherwise, I switch between fantasy, sci-fi and school life a lot. xD

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Re: What is your specialized genre?

#35 Post by Armee » Sun Jul 21, 2013 7:03 am

Tragedy, I'm pretty good with angsty stories, so I said myself, melancholy stories take over most of my writing history. I don't even know why I like to write stories like that, must because I'm a sadist tragic story fetish. But I can't take anything too serious so ... I'm usually mixing things up with Comedy, good or not. I tend to loosen complicate situation with hilarious acts from my characters. And Mystery, my stories always having a lot of untold secret.

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Re: What is your specialized genre?

#36 Post by hikaa212 » Mon Jul 22, 2013 10:53 am

For me, I guess I'm more into suspense, horror, mystery and psychological. Maybe a bit sci-fiction. And most of it revolve around school life or summer :lol:

I also like writing sweet romance story, sweet but not too romantic. lol and I can't really write fantasy story, don't know why. lol.

Oh, and the one that have deep meaning in it :D

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Re: What is your specialized genre?

#37 Post by SHiNKiROU » Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:32 am

Basically, speculative fiction, especially medium and hard science fiction. Inspired by Star Trek, Gundam and Mass Effect, if I do it, I make sure it qualifies as "real sci-fi" by being as serious as possible (even the most outrageous technologies do not run on the power of friendship). If I'm not allowed to write sci-fi, I would rather write fantasy because I like worldbuilding.

I can't write anything that doesn't require worldbuilding, like "modern people working, having romance, funny moments and drama."
Also, my nightmare is to write an extended serial like these Shonen Jump manga spanning over 600 chapters. I'm not fast at coming up with ideas: I wait for ideas to appear, and invest in them, and if the ideas is executed, it reaches the grand conclusion after the equivalent of 12-episode, 25-episode or 50-episode anime.
Sure, people said that 'you don't need to actually in love to write a romance story,' but I most of the times thought that real experience of being in love gives more ideas for the story. And I'm not good enough to stick tiny bits of detail of chemical formulas into my brain.
My untested hypothesis: Any writer can write any genre given enough pressure (e.g. financial). Even if the resulting work is hack writing. Hack writing means things like deus ex and technobabble that solve random problems. Even though they are bad, they further the understanding of the genre.

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Re: What is your specialized genre?

#38 Post by CuddleTea » Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:07 am

I would have to say fantasy. There's just something about creating your own world, with it's own balances and means that is fun for me. Though, I dabble in other genres. Anything I write is generally a mix of different themes.

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Re: What is your specialized genre?

#39 Post by MarineScripter » Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:35 am

Sometimes I write something completely out of my element, but mostly mysteries and psychological. I'll be doing a lot of fantasy in the future, however, so I'm practicing.
(Though as long as I can stick some more snarky characters in there, I 'll do better for some reason.)

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Re: What is your specialized genre?

#40 Post by iiStarCandy » Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:05 pm

Hm, for me, I'm not really good at school themes and such, even though I'm in school. I prefer fantasy and horror, as well as some tragedy stories. I'm pretty bad at coming up with romance themes, since I'm not good at dealing with romance in general. XD I feel like I apply to more serious themes, and it makes me more drawn-in to them.

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Re: What is your specialized genre?

#41 Post by ZeroExistence009 » Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:49 am

I just started to write and my first writing is about psychological and tragedy that has rape scenes, I guess :twisted:

If I continue to write in the future, I want to specialize in psychological and tragedy genre with modern-slice of life :D

Don't know why I like those genre but I think, usual genres just bored me :|

The kind of story that you will get from a twisted guy like me :lol:

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Re: What is your specialized genre?

#42 Post by cesullivan » Tue Oct 22, 2013 2:51 pm

I tend to write comedy-fantasy-romances. 'Cuz when you think about it, all real life romances have elements of comedy and fantasy.

Although usually more comedy than fantasy, in my experience. And it's usually dark comedy.
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Re: What is your specialized genre?

#43 Post by Meneil » Tue Oct 22, 2013 5:03 pm

I try to step outside of my comfort zone and experiment with different genres, mainly in the hopes that it will later equip me with the skills to overcome w/e writing is later necessary. So I've tried sci-fi, fantasy, romantic comedy, and others. But I usually prefer and end up writing action, so I guess that's my 'speciality'. Right now I'm writing a "mystery/suspense/thriller" story for a VN project though, although it was originally categorized as horror, we decided to not call it that since most people assume horror requires chain saw massacres.

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Re: What is your specialized genre?

#44 Post by sendo » Tue Oct 22, 2013 10:46 pm

I tried writing before but I always ended up with a white, shining, clean sheet of paper. But, I think I specialize in fantasy. Mainly because I love the world building parts. Building the history, the cultures, the landscapes, the people, the different animal species and lore is always exhilarating for me. I sure wish I could write a story out of it though :cry:
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Re: What is your specialized genre?

#45 Post by Destiny » Wed Oct 23, 2013 7:39 pm

I honestly don't know ô_o
I finished two games for RPG Maker, one being a survival-horror game (a la Silent Hill) and one being a Parody on videogames.
I haven't finished a Ren'Py game yet, but Cards of Destiny is/was close to finish and a mixture of shonen-ai dating sim and fighting simulator with apocalypse setting (or something like that)
I also have worked a lot on Pets: After Human, which is set in a world after humanity is almost instinct, being mostly some kind of "social game" (build friendships and make the right choices to survive).
The other is again a horror game (somewhat like Kraven Manor) where you are captured in a house and try to get out.

So I think, all in all, that I am mostly interested in serious games about mysterious topics (banishing ghosts before they haunt the world, keeping humans alive, fighting against ancient gods and I don't know what). The player is usually confronted with a unsettling enviroment, has to make choices that pretty much define his moral, kindness and "thinking for the greater good". The games are mainly dark or become very dark during the gameplay.
I usually branch them enourmously and with reason (Cards of Destiny had 8 endings and something around 60 choices where every single choice can define the ending and definitly will define how the character you talked with will react towards you), I favour Click&Point and Visual Novel as medium.

Hm, no idea what else to say.
Funny games are more for me to relax, so they are actually quite rare (because you WORK on something that does RELAX you, I am rarely in the mood for that polarity).
Romance games are kind of difficult. I am dissatisfied, if there are only 1-3 charas to choose from, because it isn't realistic that a person gets only confronted with such few people. But when I worked on CoD, which has 7 characters to choose from, I noticed that I was unwilling to add more then six "intimate" conversations with each of them, simply because it was a lot of work to program each convo (and because I have sketches, so that each successful conversation gives a CG as reward).
That and I usually just don't buy them, way too unrealistic and I don't know what *is actually very unromantic*
Horror attracts me due to the fact that i am used to see horrifying things and see terrifying things because of my own health state. It is quite easy to pin the horror down and give it a face, a sound and a enviroment to live in. I also played a lot of creepy games and learned a lot from how they make the mood (integrating my own fears isn't that difficult since they are mainly eyes [or being watched in general], dolls, sudden noises and darkness, but when being curious about what others fear, my attempt for a thread about that here was a big desaster for reasons I still don't know).

Anyway, the more unsettling the idea, setting or story is, the more likely it will be that I work on it.
I guess, that would be a good summary ô_o
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