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Share your Story's Teaser/ Blurb/ Elevator Pitch

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 4:54 pm
by KrunchyFriedGames other words, anything that condenses your story into a quickly readable paragraph or two in order to summarise and hopefully entice people to play your game. This is such as important part of writing and I've never been too good at it, so I've tried to start early for our next game- even before I've finished the first draft. Would value your thoughts on mine (it's for a dark humour/ bizarro horror VN), and show me any you've done. I'll see whether they make me want to play the game.

"You have a problem: you're out of work, and the government is threatening to cut off your benefits. Don't worry- Oswald Mandias will help you. He'll help everybody. Once his dreams of resurrecting an ancient kingdom are realised, nobody will be spared his benevolence.

In this free, adventure-choosing graphic novel game, you must outwit drugged-up zombies, genetically modified monstrosities, seductive sisters and one very sadistic secretary, in order to prevent a dark and terrifying future for mankind. Oh, and get to the pub quiz in time because your mate Dave won't stop nagging you about it."

The Bunny Hill Horror (Itch Devlog)