what instruments are used in this song?

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what instruments are used in this song?

#1 Post by barefootchuck39 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:34 am

I love high energy anime/idol songs in general, and a particular song that motivated me to actually make a post here, is a song that feels very vibrant and how it accommodates the singers/animation timing (or maybe anime was made to accommodate the song...) Anyways, my trouble is that I'm newbie at identifying instruments/making music in general. So I'm trying to figure out what instruments/vsti are used to create:this song (instrumental), here's original OP

My guess is:
bell chime (i found this vsti that sounds similar)
trumpet?/french horn??
hand clap
some drum

I can't tell what came in at:
* 0:02, some sort of stardust thingy?
* 0:06, some electronic ______?

Can you tell me what instruments? Especially if you know what vsti are used. I do have a yamaha dgx 640 that I want to try match its instruments see what I find. Well, step by step right? :p

Appreciate your time.

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Re: what instruments are used in this song?

#2 Post by LeetMusic » Thu Aug 31, 2017 12:56 am

Piano and glockenspiel or something like that. The brass is trumpets or big band brass section. Definitely not French horns. Guitar / bass / drums. I hear a timpani roll around 0:13 which is cool.

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