Windows 2000 server

This is where all the old Lemma Soft-specific posts are (i.e. Tales of Lemma 1, Shoujo Attack!, and some Hanafuda Club). They are here for old times sake ^^
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Windows 2000 server

#1 Post by kittytreats » Sat Jun 28, 2003 1:09 am

Hi there, I first got the font problem, fixed that by copying the font's to the root directory.
But when I click on the "Tales of Lemma 1", the screen is totally black, sound works though. ^_^; I also tried the "Allegro Setup (optional)" but it's just black...with grey squares in it o_O;; anyways, when I get home I'll try it in Windows 98SE and Windows 2000.

Anyways, just putting this up here to see if you have anyone having the same probs. thanks!! :oops:


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