A little job for a Shoujo Attack fan.

This is where all the old Lemma Soft-specific posts are (i.e. Tales of Lemma 1, Shoujo Attack!, and some Hanafuda Club). They are here for old times sake ^^
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A little job for a Shoujo Attack fan.

#1 Post by Ezzetabi » Tue Aug 02, 2005 1:55 am

What about checking my tutorials in order to improve solutions?
A part of sintax and grammar that need help (any suggestion welcome), also those levels have flawed solutions:
(of course, even if flawed they all resque all shoujo, neeee? ;) )

-Level Name <-> Why
-UFO Catchers <-> I feel something is wrong about my solution, overall about flowers position.
-Cave of Regret <-> The Claustrophobia level tecnique does not seem right here.
-Twin trouble <-> I used pixel perfect timing.
-Ninja chief Ayaka 1.5 <-> ugly...

Maybe everything is ok, but I'd like listen your opinions.
My shoujo attack's tutorial page is completed!


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