► Lock + Key ◀ [Surreal/Horror] [NaNo2015]

NaNoRenO is an event where creators make a game from scratch during the month of March.
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► Lock + Key ◀ [Surreal/Horror] [NaNo2015]

#1 Post by Laiska »


The pendulum of a broken clock shudders. Feet drag across an empty stage. Guilty screams echo over a flame. The King stares with a corpse's eyes.

You turn the key in hand.

You awaken to an expanse, a wasteland of amorphous design.
Shadows build and tower around you, growing into mountains and then melting into seas.
As the void takes form, you sometimes see shapes, faces, futures and pasts.

Twelve paths lie before you.

Twelve doors with twelve locks.

And a solitary figure who hands you a nameless key.

Lock and Key is a short horror game being developed for NaNoRenO 2015, with art and concept by blankd, writing and coding by Laiska.
The game will be largely kinetic with a few brief choices on each path. Any music or sound will be CC-licensed.

While we intend to have the game finished for the end of March, we both have other projects and obligations,
so there is a chance it may not be done until later on. But, we will do our best!

Planning and Sketches - 95%
Script - 5% - 2k
Art - 0%

Update 2015-3-8:
We've organized all the assets we're going to need using Trello. You should use it, it's good!
The path order has been finalized and we're ready to start the real work.

Update 2015-3-12:
The writing has begun! Wonder if we'll finish in time...
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Re: ► Lock + Key ◀ [Horror] [NaNoRenO 2015]

#2 Post by blankd »

(Post Reserved for Designs, Sketches, etc.)

First batch of sketches! The art will be in this minimalist/shadowart style. Any feedback is welcome of course 8V
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Re: ► Lock + Key ◀ [Surreal/Horror] [NaNo2015]

#3 Post by potouto »

Oh my such an interesting little project. The character sketches are indeed very interesting and I adore the minimalist art style. I just love how you the concept of surrealistic horror for this one. I wish you two best luck and looking forward to play this!!
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Re: ► Lock + Key ◀ [Surreal/Horror] [NaNo2015]

#4 Post by cometgears »

Ohh, I'm usually too wimpy for horror, but I think I'll have to make an exception for this because I love the art! Why is the creepy guy commenting about my eyes, though D: Looking forward to seeing more!

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Re: ► Lock + Key ◀ [Surreal/Horror] [NaNo2015]

#5 Post by Haze »

Wow, that artwork is very interesting. It doesn't creep me out, exactly, but there's something uncanny about it that bothers me... I hope to see this at the end of the month, but if you can't finish, that's ok! Keep working; I know I'll be looking forward to it! :D
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Re: ► Lock + Key ◀ [Surreal/Horror] [NaNo2015]

#6 Post by Ryuushiro »

Me + Horror = <3

And his looks amazing!
I really liked the concept and I'm excited to see more

I'll surely be looking forward to see it done > u <



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Re: ► Lock + Key ◀ [Surreal/Horror] [NaNo2015]

#7 Post by Katy133 »

I love the artwork in this! The concepts so far look really interesting. Every character's silhouette looks very different, giving the art a strong sense of caricature.

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Re: ► Lock + Key ◀ [Surreal/Horror] [NaNo2015]

#8 Post by Awesomepigman »

Wow! The art style is gorgeous in a creepy fantastic way. I'm really looking forward to this one!
Good luck with NaNo!

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Re: ► Lock + Key ◀ [Surreal/Horror] [NaNo2015]

#9 Post by Camille »

I absolutely love the designs and concept for this! The creatures in the 3rd picture are just *___* amazing! I'll greatly be looking forward to this. Best of luck finishing it this month!

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Re: ► Lock + Key ◀ [Surreal/Horror] [NaNo2015]

#10 Post by PaperweightWorks »

I'm loving the art. It looks so stylish and intriguing. I'm curious how this will turn out. Good luck with this one!

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Re: ► Lock + Key ◀ [Surreal/Horror] [NaNo2015]

#11 Post by paradigmshifty »

Wow, the concept art really caught my eye - cute and scary at the same time!
Can't wait to see the finished game.
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Re: ► Lock + Key ◀ [Surreal/Horror] [NaNo2015]

#12 Post by Harliqueen »

I don't normally go for horror (I am a sad, easily scared person! :D ), but this sounds and looks too amazing to pass up! Can't wait until it's finished :)
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Re: ► Lock + Key ◀ [Surreal/Horror] [NaNo2015]

#13 Post by Auro-Cyanide »

Love the logo and the concepts are fantastic! Good range of subjects and forms. The introductions has also piqued my interest~

Good luck with finishing the game!

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Re: ► Lock + Key ◀ [Surreal/Horror] [NaNo2015]

#14 Post by clua »

The silhouette concept art is really cool. I was wondering if you were going to keep that
sketchiness on the final art.
I hope you guys make it! Even so, whenever you release it I'm looking forward to it!
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Re: ► Lock + Key ◀ [Surreal/Horror] [NaNo2015]

#15 Post by Laiska »

Thanks for all the positive vibes, everyone! We're really stoked that there's interest in this game, and excited to be working on it :)

This week I've been at GDC, so with my head full of design ideas some good brainstorming on the game's structure has been happening. This may end up a bit more intricate yet...

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