Umbra [Psychological Horror/Drama/Survival][2015]

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Re: Umbra [Psychological Horror/Drama/Survival][2015]

#16 Post by chocojax » Sat Mar 28, 2015 6:07 pm

More progress! I have about ~6 sprites to finish, and about a dozen backgrounds too. GUI is slowly getting worked on when I need a break from doing the sprites/BGs, hahahaahah. Writing appears to be going well, and the music is amazing! Am real excite to release the game when we finish. :D

Screenshots from WIP GUI.
And current line of finished characters. (Left to right: Sasha, Antoinette, Ryker, Reed, Tone, Pitch, Mayor Reatha)

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Re: Umbra [Psychological Horror/Drama/Survival][2015]

#17 Post by Maelstrom-Fenrir » Thu Jul 30, 2015 7:39 am

I apologize for the massive delay, but after March ended buzz kind of slowed down, and I got crazy busy with tons of stuff, as did Chocojax, but now finally I can say I'm ready to release phase 1. Editing/coding this beast took a while since I was busy and couldn't find the time/energy to do it.

And since the month deadline was gone, I took the chance to test it out on quite a few people, and I'm happy to report that Umbra really enraptured them. They were glued to their seats for most of the ride. I hope those reading this can enjoy Phase 1, just like they did.

This also has given us time to think about and work on Phase 2 in my editing/coding time, which has gotten us some great plans going forward , with some sketches, and a large chunk of Phase 2's story is in beta-land right now. We are all signed on for the second phase with Chocojax provided some more amazing art, and Ziassan stellar quality music.

Phase 2 will have its own WIP thread made hopefully sometime in the near future, as we are aiming for not a lot of dead-time between these two phases (the dead-time will depend on just how much of a monster the next phase is, art/writing/music wise)

Thank you for expressing interest in Umbra Phase 1 and sticking with us. We hope you enjoy the trek into darkness. ... 11&t=33367

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