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Re: Stalker&Yandere [Yandere][Romance?][NaNo17]

#16 Post by Mammon » Wed Apr 05, 2017 7:44 am

chiharuchi wrote:I love it but HALP I CANT TURN FIKTER OFF. I turn it off and then on dter choosing Sebastian's route but I skipped it clicking in control a lot and spacebar by accident I thought it was just the same route but I realized it's not so I went back to lad and now it won't let me go on Sebastian's route with the inconsistent thing and I went to settings and the filter is crossed out haaalp I wanna see that end ;;;

Edit: Nevermind, I got it. XD Hue, I like your game. Interesting idea tho sometimes I say to myself, omg get on with the story Yandere-Chaaannn but that's my opinion. She talk quite a bit and prolong the action. Well, if everyone loves it, mind me not. I still wuv chur work. Sebastian is very very cute. I'm off to see that new end-
Glad you liked it, and I see you found the second story on accident? And I apologise for writing too slow and with too much monologue, at least it's nowhere near as bad as P&Y though. :D

Want some CC sprites?

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