Mischievous Lamb [Dark Humor | Ecchi][NaNo17][Complete]

NaNoRenO is an event where creators make a game from scratch during the month of March.
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Mischievous Lamb [Dark Humor | Ecchi][NaNo17][Complete]

#1 Post by ndistrict » Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:29 am

Entering the school restroom, she finds her friend getting assaulted by two students. She proceeds to help her friend but instead, she gets charged in detention. She plans to retaliate the two bullies, abusing them one way or the other.

Mischievous Lamb is a short visual novel about a character named Ume, helping her friend to have revenge against the bullies.

Caution: Mature content included. Rated 17+
Humiliation, mild nudity, may offend catholic (Something to do with rosary)
Be warned.

This is my first NaNoRenO and still a lone wolf making it. So, umm ... rush art to be expected cause originality.

The downloadable visual novel link here: https://namelessdistrict.itch.io/mischievous-lamb


What is your first impression before firing up the game?
What are your thoughts on the story and the characters?
What is your favorite choices and scene?
Are there any that you were dissatisfied with?
Is there anything that you would change?
Is there anything else you would like to add?

If there are bugs or typo, let me know and I'll fix as soon as I possibly can.

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