IntRenMo/ NaNoRenO Game Index 2017

NaNoRenO is an event where creators make a game from scratch during the month of March.
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IntRenMo/ NaNoRenO Game Index 2017

#1 Post by Alte » Tue Apr 04, 2017 4:52 am

What is IntRenMo?

A concurrent jam for projects that started before March. Devs use the month to sprint to the finish and vow to complete a game by the deadline. Basically, if you started something already and you want to finish it up during this month, you can use this fancy tag so people know you didn't do it in a month. - NaNoRenO 2017 jam page

Without further ado, here.


5x12 (Beta) by Please wait - WiP
a(t)rium [Demo] [GxB][Modern][Friendship][Romance][Slice of Life] by Studio Dipper - WiP
A Question Of Normalcy [Modern] by nanna4673 - Thread | WiP
A Thief in the Night [Short/Horror] by Primate Dogma - Thread
AIRIS [GxB/G/N] [Otome | Fantasy | Sci-Fi | Mystery | Comedy] by Ebullience Games - Thread | WiP
Amaranth [GxG, Drama, Urban Fantasy, Slice of Life] by Pixels and Pins Studio - WiP
An Otaku's Guide to Santa's Reindeer [Demo] [GxB/G][Romance/Fantasy] [IntRenMo] by Anomalis - WiP
Arizona Craters [Web] by Naomi "Norbez" Z
B.A.T. [Simulation, Drama, Comedy] by Avior - Thread | WiP
Battle Live! School of Idols (Sketch ver.) by solarProtag
Belle Tower by Swetha & Nivetha Kannan
Best Romance Game Ever [AprilFools] by Michaela Laws - Thread
Best Wishes [Romance | Fantasy] by Glitterbark - WiP
Blue Skies [Sci-Fi] by Korova - WiP
Book of Stones [Demo] by whirlystudios
bookSLEEPer [Otome] [Stat-Raiser] [GxB,GxG] by Alcor, etc., Allegra C. Hughes, Zelan, Hazel, Choi, yoshibb, Miya, Kaoru - WiP
Bunny Brown vs School Picture Day by FireCatcher8585
CatharsisVN by Leon Arndt, Anika Handtke, Toshia Gabriel
Confederate Rose [Short] by Josrodjr
Chook & Sosig: A Case Of Murder [Demo] [Supernatural murder mystery/Comedy] by Tookipalooki - WiP
Daisy Chain [Detective] by tesspieceface
Encanto [Fairytale] [Fantasy] by catlipcandy - Thread | WiP
Fear Forest [Web] by River Liu
Five Fast Dates [Short] by redd
Genjitsukai [GxB|GxG] [Romance|Otome|Vampire] by KagiProjects - WiP
GIVE IT TIME [Web] by Naomi "Norbez" Z
Gulam by Aracade - Thread
Insatiable Creatures [Short/Supernatural/Thriller] by PB&Jelly, potouto, Shida, James Cheek, Jill Harris - Thread | WiP
Lost Before Darkness [Survival][Mystery] by chrooke - Thread
Love is in Bloom [GxG | Romance | Comedy] by qb;studios - WiP
Love Mythos: Origins [Fantasy] by SquidSinsSquad - WiP
Mahou no mori to jinja no Miko [ADULT] [Fantasy] by Miguel Giménez - Thread | WiP
Match Made in Heaven (in development) [GxG, B?xB] [Comedy/Teen Angst] by avery g - WiP
Mischievous Lamb [Dark Humor | Ecchi] by namelessdistrict - WiP
My Magical Divorce Bureau!! [Comedy|Match Matching] by Googaboga, SilverHyena, Koete Hoshi, DarkSin, Jujube, Sebastian, Sabrina Schewe - Thread | WiP
Molestation Story ~Chapter:July~ [ADULT] [Demo] by ASP84
Moonlight Crossing [Fantasy] by Aori Radidjiu, Nisubirb, Fomalhaut, teru, nadikusmo - Thread
Nigel with the brie [Joke] by Player_Senpai
Nobody Understands MIA by kenibatz - Thread | Gameplay video
NOTES [Demo] [Suspense, Drama, Romance, Comedy (?), Horror] by Monochrome.Cherry - WiP
Our Home. [Romance - Slice of Life - Drama] by Watercress Studios - WiP
Pairs [Fantasy | Sci-Fi | Romance] by owl., Tintenseher, andrewus, Shida, Butterfly Wisps, Noyemi K, Atomic-Invasion, Mama J - Thread | WiP
Paper Rose [Romance/Scheduling] by Cheyenne Victory, DJ Horn, Daniel Nanetti-Palacios, Elissa Park, Victoria Wong, Andrew Mimms, Whiona, Amelia Flare, Shireen + Alex Victory
Para-Caffiene [Web] [Short/social interaction] by Vidsneezes (Oscar Morales & Dennis Aldana)
Perceptions of the Dead - Vol 1. [Short] by ithaqualabs
Poker Cheat by petejohnwilson
Recording the Predestined Time by Amorphous and Sleepy Agents
Resident Evil 4: Otome Edition by Erotome Software
Return of Olympus: Beginner's Luck [Magical Girl | Slice of Life] by Tintenseher, Shinoki, silversporksama - Thread
Simulacrum Duorum Graduis ~ Dragonfire [Demo] by Qazhax - WiP
Sour Cherry Twist: A Yuri/GL Visual Novel by slaybelles
Summer Paradise Redux [GxB, Philippines] by Ran, Godline, Pinqo, Sayumi101 - Thread | WiP | Sneak Peak Video
Stalker&Yandere [Yandere][Romance?] by Mammon, Zelan, Circe2300, Yuukicrosspudding, Dark Sentinel, Jujube, Bokchois, Banannasquid - Thread | WiP
Straight Up: Sister-zoned! [GxB][Romance] by Sayumi101 - Thread | WiP
Study With Me [Demo] [Productivity app] by Bruised Banana - WiP
The Crossroads [Romance GxB, Supernatural] by Seraphinite - Thread | WiP
The greenhouse by Antaille
The Heart of Tales (in development) [GxB Romance/Fantasy] by Katy133, Noyemi K, Kristi - WiP
Phantasm: The Haunting of Burnwood Manor [Demo] [GxB Mystery|Supernatural|Romance] by nickynoton - WiP
The Subtweet Game [Web] (English, Français) by ker0chan
This, My Soul [Demo] [GxB][Sci Fi][Romance][Drama] by Agashi - WiP
Three at the end [Demo] [Web] by Moon Wink Games
//TODO: today [Slice of Life, Romance] by Boys Laugh + - WiP
To Weave a Thread [Demo] [BxB | Fantasy/Family] by UNICORSITY - WiP
Transport Troubles [GxG] [Sci-Fi] by Baron Tilde, Emihaumut, Almondwagers - WiP
Undine [Sci-Fi] by Zoe Angevin - Thread
Upon A Darkening Flood [Horror] [IntRenMo] by Lord Rastagong
Voyager [short/experimental] by Maelstrom-Fenrir
What's Your Name? [GxB, Romance, Horror, Dark Fantasy] by Sunlit-Dreamer - Thread | WiP
Where the Sun Always Shines [Slice of Life] by Ebi-Hime, mokibun, Esclachier, Kuroneko, Mock Off - Thread | WiP
Witches at Summer's End by cloverfirefly, Robin Kaplan

Around 70 total.


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