Arizona Craters [Sci-Fi] [Story Driven]

NaNoRenO is an event where creators make a game from scratch during the month of March.
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Arizona Craters [Sci-Fi] [Story Driven]

#1 Post by Norbez » Fri Apr 07, 2017 1:39 pm

Arizona Craters is a game about aliens, craters, and storytelling. Check it out here!
Each run is around 30 minutes, and completing it will unlock bonus content for your second playthrough.
This is my second NaNoRenO game this year. You can play my first one, GIVE IT TIME, here, or check out its Lemmasoft thread.

Before your playthrough . . .
  • 1. First impressions?
    2. Any predictions?
After your playthrough . . .
  • 1. Thoughts on the story and its characters? What are your impressions on each of them?
    2. What were your choices, and why? What resulted from them, and did you think the outcome was fair/satisfying? If not, how do you feel it can be improved?
    3. If you could change one thing in the story, what would it be?
    4. Final thoughts & additional comments? What were you satisfied and dissatisfied with? Would you recommend this VN to someone?
Hi there! Hope you have an awesome day! Keep up the good work on your project. You can do it! :)

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