The Garden Of Sinners [Demo][Otome,GxB,GxG,Mystery][NaNo18]

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The Garden Of Sinners [Demo][Otome,GxB,GxG,Mystery][NaNo18]

#1 Post by Sai-ren » Wed Apr 04, 2018 1:44 am

The Garden Of Sinners (Demo)

Dark alternate reality otome game.
The story takes place in Isekai city, the capital of Teien.
The main heroine, Mary, is a university student who wears only brand clothes, likes partying, and has an unusual part-time job.
She fakes her death for people who want to experience committing a murder without actually committing the crime.
Despite the dangerous nature of her job, she is convinced she’s invincible, takes life too lightly and has a hedonistic lifestyle.
But her views change after a certain event turns her life upside down...

Demo version includes:
~ Short prologue scene, the first day and the beginning of the second day of the story
~ Around 4000 words
~ 1 choice
~ 3 out of 5 dateable characters introduced

Mary – The protagonist. Attends Ise university and works part-time at «Phoenix». Selfish and whimsical. Strongly believes she is invincible.
Mikki – Mary’s best friend that attends the same university. Cheerful and simple-minded, she is also a leader of a girl gang. Secretly likes magical girls.
Leon – Famous streetwear designer and Mary’s brother childhood friend. Self-confident and ambitious. Currently dates Mary.
Ray – Popular upperclassman at Mary’s university. Has good looks and twisted personality.
Jin – Businessman and self-made millionaire. Highly rational and cold person.
??? – mysterious secret character.

From developer:
Hello and thank you for viewing this page!
This is my first try at making my own visual novel.
It's still very short though, so I'm planning to release longer demo version in the nearest future.
If you decide to give it a try, I will be happy to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Art, writing and programming: Sai-ren
Music and sound effects:
On-Jin ~音人~/効果音素材
Pocket Sound /効果音素材

April Update: Uploaded version 1.0.1; improved characters sprites and fixed several mistakes in the text.

May Update: Up to this point, I finished sprites for all main characters in the game and wrote an outline for the common route. Unfortunately, I had to slow down the work on this project due to personal circumstances, so not much progress other than that has been made since the last update. I'm also thinking about renaming the game because I've found out there is an anime with the same title in English, and I want to avoid any kind of confusion in the future.

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