Sky★Pop [Nano2019][GxB, Slice of Life, Idol]

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Sky★Pop [Nano2019][GxB, Slice of Life, Idol]

#1 Post by Karamelow » Tue Mar 05, 2019 5:47 pm

"I was working at my mundane office job when I received a call that would change my life forever..."


Lisa (you) is the recently-appointed manager for the popular idol group: S.Y.R. As a secretary to a very busy CEO, Lisa is experienced with juggling phone calls, managing schedules, and generally any administrative work. But, she feels like her job lacks any excitement and is very dull, except for gossiping with co-workers. She receives a phone call from Dream Entertainment and is asked to be the new temporary manager for S.Y.R on short notice. You hesitate, but immediately say yes when you hear the salary.

Not knowing much about idols, you take the job, confident in your skills. But when you realize being a manager involves much more than shuffling papers, you find out that you might have to handle more than you signed up for. Especially with three charming, gorgeous boys always ready to distract you! But proceed with caution, because S.Y.R may have a past you might not be expecting.


Shin gets cheers for doing nothing but showing up, because his piercing gaze will enrapture anyone. Always considered the stoic, cool-headed type who keeps S.Y.R in line. In reality, Shin is a master of sleep jutsu, being able to sleep standing, with his eyes open, and even during interviews. Can it be laziness? Or is there more that is left unsaid?

On stage, Yuki radiates cheerfulness and positive energy. He's always encouraging his fans and flashing his gorgeous smile. But backstage, Yuki turns into an arrogant diva who loves to order people around. At first it seems that Yuki is just pretending to be nice, but the real reason behind his attitude will shock you...

Ryo is best known for flirting with anything that moves. Even dogs and cats fall victim to his sweet words. It's a mask that covers his true personality: which is a really gentle and shy young man. But don't get too comfortable, because Ryo has no issues handing out sarcastic quips when you least expect them. His entire personality feels like a bundle of contradictions, but maybe you can unravel it.

Example of background:

Artist: MelowBee
Writer/Programmer: Trikayla1

We'd honestly love to hear anything you have to say about this NaNo project! Here are a few questions that you could answer if you're not sure what to say.
1. What do you think of this premise?
2. Who's your favorite character and why?
3. Opinions on the art style?

Hope that you'll enjoy the story, good luck to everyone with their own projects (^ o^)/

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Re: Sky★Pop [Nano2019][GxB, Slice of Life, Idol]

#2 Post by sonnenblumen » Tue Mar 05, 2019 5:59 pm

1. What do you think of this premise? I always love idol stories and I haven't played / read anything with male idols in awhile, so I think I'll enjoy this! It looks like a very cute, but fun and entertaining story. I like that there are some small mysteries behind the characters' personalities.

2. Who's your favorite character and why? I'm mostly interested in Ryo and Shin, but Ryo probably wins, because I'm a sucker for light-haired characters and the whole light blue color scheme is very nice. Also, I think it's very interesting to have a flirtatious character who's actually very shy/soft.

3. Opinions on the art style? Super cute! It's very bright and colorful, which suits the idol theme. The character designs look great.

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