A really simple text / keyword highlighter

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A really simple text / keyword highlighter

#1 Post by kivik » Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:26 am

So I'm starting to write the content of my game and I figured highlighting keywords would be quite useful. However being as I'm lazy I created a very simple textParser to automatically add the text formatting. I'm still a novice at python and renpy so I'd welcome any improvements / feedbacks!

The class:

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init python:
    class textParser(object):
        def __init__(self, open_tag, close_tag):
            self._open = open_tag
            self._close = close_tag

        def __getattr__(self, text):
            return self._open + text.replace("_", " ") + self._close
To use it:

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default keyword = textParser("{color="+gui.accent_color+"}", "{/color}") # just changing the colour for instance
default emKeyword = textParser("{b}{color="+gui.accent_color+"}", "{/color}{/b}") # We can add more opening and closing tags if we want
default ts = object()

label start:
    # not sure how to set this as default
    $ ts.keyword = keyword
    $ ts.emphasis = emKeyword
    "We can now highlight the [keyword.Keyword] easily."
    "We can even highlight [keyword.Multiple_Words] by using underscore instead of space"
    "By using the other [emKeyword.TextParser] we can have different effects!"
    "You can even make a [ts.keyword.textStyle_object] and nest the [ts.emphasis.textParsers] inside for a range of parsers!"

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