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Ren'Py Cookbook Directory

#1 Post by Alte » Sun Sep 13, 2015 7:07 pm

[A (short) Tutorial on Bars] - mjshi
A simple navigation map tutorial - Skarn
A very alternative CG/BG Gallery using Imagebutton - Karizu
Adding a Love Meter Bar - OokamiKasumi
Analog Clock - SundownKid
Android Set up/Tutorial/Error Troubleshoot - r_sami
Analog/Digital Clock as User Defined Display - trooper6
Animated Backgrounds - mugenjohncel
Animation and Transforms by Example - saguaro
Attaching Admob to RenPy and earn some money. - i_jemin
Automatically testing a Ren'Py game using Travis CI - excaliburzero
BPM in Ren'Py - Timing animations to your musics tempo - Sleepy Agents
Building your android app - Brambly
ConditionSwitch tutorial - Jod
Crash course in screen language/UI design - Camille
Creating a seamless music loop [Solution] - Jae
CTC ~ Click to Continue Icon - OokamiKasumi
Custom Backgrounds:Save/Load/Pref/Yes-No/MainMenu - OokamiKasumi
Customizing Menus - Aleema
Customizing the NVL Textbox - OokamiKasumi
Customizing the Textbox - Aleema
Dress up game - leon
Dynamic blur background for overlay menu like iOS - i_jemin
Easy guide to: Pause menu - Greeny
Helping playtesters generate feedback. - TrickWithAKnife
Hidden Object Game Tutorial | Version 2 - SusanTheCat
Hidden Quickmenu for a cleaner GUI - ileikturtles
How to create a 3d dungeon crawler (WIP) - Ryue
How to create a character that the player can name in a Ren’Py visual novel. - katy133
How to display percentage of your game completed/read - morg | alternative - minyan
How to do a cloud animation with RenPy - Träumendes Mädchen
How to set up a panning system (like Danganronpa) in Ren'Py - Woodsy_Studio
How to Start Ren'Py For Beginners! - cuitlauchan
Getting started and "common" mistakes in Renpy - sqbr
Getting Ren'Py to run on the Raspberry Pi - dlksk
getting your head around Ren'py: for coders - TheSHAD0W
Making a Contents page / screen - OokamiKasumi
Making a Mad Libs game. [Sample Game] - OokamiKasumi
Messy character customization - Rinmaru
Moving from Pygame to Renpy - maximinus
Newbie-friendly guide to customizing load/save screen - MissLanna
One-screen visual novel - MoonlightBomber
Optimizing images - DrSchizo
Ren'Py Steam Quickstart - jack_norton
Ren'Py QuickStart [Gallery, Codex, Scheduler, Tutorials etc] - daikiraikimi
Simple beginner-level calendar using python - fluxus
Simple Navigation System - demonangelz
So you wanna make an Android port of your visual novel? - Träumendes Mädchen
Timed Menus - SundownKid
Using Ren'Py's Movie Sprites Ft. Live2D, Part 1 and Part 2 - Rafale
Utsukushii Effects (ImageDissolve) - monele

3D camera motion and Transform Viewer | recent- akakyouryuu
A game for seven days - nclm
a very simple screen-based inventory - neowired
add extra menu in hotspots - chocoberrie
Adjustable bar - Popotan
Affection Points - Dragonstar89
Alternate Menu (using Python/Class code) - jw2pfd
Amy's simple Markov chain text and randomized menu choices - PatchyDoll
Analog/Digital Clock as User Defined Display - trooper6
Android-compatible Keyboard Screen - qirien
Another dynamic gallery cookbook - kivik
ATL transitions - Donmai
Automatic character, background, etc. image defining script - Zetsubou
Automatically composite images define - akakyouryuu
Basic Customized Menu With Keyboard Shortcuts - Peter Kirby
Basic Interactive Grid Map - daikiraikimi
CC0 CTC Indicator - qirien
Changing mouse pointer midgame. - Alex | reverting back to the default $config.mouse= None - xela
Character Creation (AD&D/RPG style) - Avantharis, trooper6, and Onishion
Creating a Skip Movie Button [PC] - williamd1k0
Custom/Bulk character definitions - Zetsubou
custom mouse cursor - KimiYoriBaka
Declare automatically images/sprites from your files names - Ziassan
Dialogue and Diction Filter - Kinsman
Diceroll on table using a 2D-Array - Pankrazius
Drawing a flashlight with a creator-defined displayable - apricotorange ported to Ren'Py - wholetonegames
Event Gallery - nyaatrap
Events for specific names - Karunakku | Push it to the next level - Divona
Fading onscreen text (simplified) - xela
Font Selection Option (For use with OpenDyslexic Font) - BáiYù
Horizontal Parallax Scrolling Starfield - drvoke
Information Screen - Funnyguts and TwinTurtle Games
Instant CG and BG gallery - leon
Input names and blinking - MimirollCookie
Jigsaw Puzzle Demo - SusanTheCat
Little Known Ren'Py Tidbits: #1. ATL Transforms can be used inside ATL Interpolations | #2. Say with image attributes. - PyTom
Mirage/Heat Shimmer/Kagerou Effect Displayable - Unin | Reduce the strain on CPU - Human Bolt Diary
More usuful variable viewer - akakyouryuu
New ATL warpers - nyaatrap
Night Filter - inarizushi
Object Oriented Programming & Rollback Module - sqmath
Particle Burst - xela
Player Naming your MC with Keyboard - wyverngem
Projection Starfield - Human Bolt Diary
Quest Log - jw2pfd
Radar Chart - Human Bolt Diary
Random Name Generator - FamuFamu
Real "Delete" Button. At Save Menu. - dyrarendy
Really Simple Character Creation Stats - Steamgirl
Renpystein Pseudo 3D with Ray casting - SusanTheCat
Returning to Main Menu from Settings - PyTom
Sakura River's FX: Rising Vortex - Counter Arts
Save-proof randomness - Kinsman
Scrolling Credits - leon
scrolling marquee - Unin
Simple "flat" blur image filter - Akjosch
Simple Rain Effect - Sayumi101 | Codes - Alex
Showing Layered Sprites With Different Emotions - Obscura
Spline Editor v2 - TheSHAD0W

Splitting up long NVL text - Ryue

Spot The Difference Game skeleton | more comments - SusanTheCat
SVG Color Chart - wyverngem
Text fade in - Asceai
Tilemap (Creator-Defined Displayable) | An example | An advanced example | Advanced demo - nyaatrap
TransitionConditionSwitch - Asceai
Updatable variables - Popotan
Which is your OS Ren'py? - PyTom

1-on-1 RPG Battle - wholetonegames
Another 3D dungeon crawl - Wolf
Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Ren'Py - Karl_C
Basic Message System - saguaro | Phone Image - Dragonstar89
Dating Sim Engine (DSE) 3.0! Day Planner and Event Manager - qirien
Dungeon Crawl RPG - nyaatrap
Dynamic Dress Up -Pippin123
Encyclopaedia / Bestiary - Human Bolt Diary
Extended achievements (module) - OlegWock
Imagebutton GUI [GxImagebuttons] - leon
Infinite, Stackable Inventory, Crafting, and Vendor Screens - saguaro
Inventory Screen - leon
Node-based Non-linear Navigation - powerofvoid
Point and Click Sample Project [To see a bigger example that has other puzzles go here: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=21101]- SusanTheCat
Raiser RPG - paktek123
Ren'Py Cardgame (github) - renpytom
Ren'Py Hypercard ( - Eliot Gardepe
RPG Battle - Alpha 7.5, downloads in first post - Jake
RPG Battle (similar to RPG Maker) - demonangelz
RPG Homebrew (customizable battle system) [beta] - firecat and Quan Dao Dong
RPG Overworld - Mole-chan
RPG style player stats and a battle system (Example) | Another example - Alex
Simple Shooting Game for Ren'Py - justcolorado
Simple RPG Framework - (Disclaimer)
Simple RPG Battle Framework A.K.A Sheepstorm - curry nochi rice
Simon minigame | Sounds - gas

1080p wipes (image dissolve transitions) - Kia
3D Stereoscopic Sample (Side-By-Side for your fancy HDTV) - b.hellmark
Adding a smartphone with various functionality [WIP] - TrickWithAKnife
Edit dialogue + Code button for developer - picobyte
Game Jolt API for Ren'Py - Max le Fou (JMF)
LiveComposite Game - OokamiKasumi
Mobile phone text-message system - littanana | a system to reply by the phone itself - gas
OUYA Controls Screen - PyTom
Persona-style animated calendar (development stopped) - Zetsubou
Portrait System Version 1.1 - Tayruu
Renpy On Screen / Touch Screen Keyboard. PC / Android. - dyrarendy
Screens for Android phone - akakyouryuu
Simple game looper - TheSHAD0W
Simple minigames (Screen Language only). - Alex
Text input (on screen) - namastaii
Tile based Sprite Sheets - Human Bolt Diary
Tower of Hanoi - Cazrook

Configuring Notepad++ for Ren'Py - Psieye
Converting Twine source to .rpy files - saguaro
EditPad Pro Syntax Coloring Scheme for Ren'Py - AXYPB
Event Editor 2.1 - Clef
Event Editor 2.4 - jeremi360
Flash -> Ren'Py Exporter [v 1.4, 26/4/2013] - Kinsman
Image RPY Generator - chocojax
Position Viewer - akakyouryuu
Ren'Py Dictionary (Community Project) - Luxliev
RenPy HotSpot Tool | RenPy Tool Guide (PDF) - DangKem
Ren'Py language support in Atom - williamd1k0
Renpy language support in Sublime Text - Zetsubou

Open Source Examples
Young Earth Roadtrip [CC BY-NC] | Monster+ Connect! [CC BY] | Locked-In [CC BY-NC-SA] | The Censor [CC BY-NC-SA] - Lucky Special Games
Our Personal Space [GPLv3 and other open licenses.] - Metasepia Games
The Prisoner [GNU GPLv3 and CC-BY-SA-4.0, its code is public domain] - qirien
Le Petit Chaperon Mauve - Little Mauve Riding Hood [CC BY-SA] - bosinpai
@CameliaGirls [CC BY-SA] - Studio TT Petok & Pigux Productions
Win The Game [CC BY-NC] - Happy Backwards
All of Cute Demon Crashers! custom code [MIT licensed] - SugarScript

Tumblr - The Ren'Py Handbook | The Ren'py Help Desk
Documentation - (日本語) | PDF File
Renpy Codes Module.pdf - Louie Dy | renpy-cardgame Documentation.pdf

The screen resolution of visual novel making can be 1280x720 and 1920x1080.
As stated for the next of generation Ren'Py gui - PyTom (2015)
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Re: Ren'Py Cookbook Directory

#2 Post by trooper6 » Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:04 pm

Wow! That's great! Thanks Alte!
A Close Shave:
*Last Thing Done (Aug 17): Finished coding emotions and camera for 4/10 main labels.
*Currently Doing: Coding of emotions and camera for the labels--On 5/10
*First Next thing to do: Code in all CG and special animation stuff
*Next Next thing to do: Set up film animation
*Other Thing to Do: Do SFX and Score (maybe think about eye blinks?)
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Re: Ren'Py Cookbook Directory

#3 Post by xela » Tue Sep 15, 2015 1:37 pm

Great job indeed!
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Re: Ren'Py Cookbook Directory

#4 Post by Abraham » Sun Oct 25, 2015 9:28 pm


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Re: Ren'Py Cookbook Directory

#5 Post by Caveat Lector » Thu Nov 12, 2015 9:44 pm

Thanks for this!
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Re: Ren'Py Cookbook Directory

#6 Post by Tayruu » Fri Nov 13, 2015 3:51 am

Clarification: I am Taylor. I go by either Tayruu or Taylor. I guess I'll edit my portrait topic to be clearer about that, sorry~.

This is a really good idea though, it's much easier to scan over this than trying to work out what's what from the forum index.

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Re: Ren'Py Cookbook Directory

#7 Post by Alte » Fri Feb 12, 2016 12:59 am

Added "Open Source Examples" where projects that are licensed contains unarchived source code.

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Re: Ren'Py Cookbook Directory

#8 Post by Charts » Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:30 am

It's really helpful! Thank you very muuuuuuuuuuch!!

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Re: Ren'Py Cookbook Directory

#9 Post by Andredron » Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:26 am

pygame and actions by holding the button viewtopic.php?f=51&t=51263

Noir-Style Shadow/Lighting Effects viewtopic.php?f=51&t=49140

Combination lock viewtopic.php?f=51&t=51868

Pictures in the menu buttons ... 51&t=51559

Add in-game purchases to the Android game viewtopic.php?f=51&t=49196

Drawing in Ren'Py viewtopic.php?t=51370

button Continue game viewtopic.php?f=51&t=48154

A timer that would work and after leaving the project viewtopic.php?f=51&t=47774

Current Battery Level

Time delit menu
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