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button "Continue game"

#1 Post by Andredron » Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:55 am

1) plain

Code: Select all

# action - continue the game from there, where finished
# if there is nothing to upload yet, the button is inactive
# textbutton _ ("Continue game") action Continue ()
init -999 python
    class Continue (Action, DictEquality):
        def __call __ (self):
            FileLoad (1, confirm = False, page = "auto", newest = True) ()
        # clickable button
        def get_sensitive (self):
            return FileLoadable (1, page = "auto")

2) advanced
First, we'll make a record at the very beginning of script.rpy

Code: Select all

label main_menu:
    call screen main_menu
label restart:
    call screen confirm (message = u "Are you sure you want to restart the game?", yes_action = Start (), no_action = Jump ("main_menu"))
### Auto-save activation:
init -1 python hide:
    config.has_autosave = True
Next, we need to go into the script screen, and find there our main menu (I use the standard menu gui) and there add the selected fragments.

Code: Select all

screen navigation ():

        style_prefix "navigation"

        xpos gui.navigation_xpos
        yalign 0.5

        spacing gui.navigation_spacing

        if main_menu:

            textbutton _ ("Start Game") action Jump ("restart")


           textbutton _ ("History") action ShowMenu ("history")

           textbutton _ ("Save") action ShowMenu ("save")

        textbutton _ ("continue") action FileLoad (1, confirm = False, page = "auto", newest = True)
        textbutton _ ("Load game") action ShowMenu ("load")

        textbutton _ ("Options") action ShowMenu ("preferences")
What have we written down here:
When you click on the Start Game button, we call the restart label, which displays the notification screen message (confirm - on new, on old - yesno_prompt) in which you specify whether you want to start a new game.
And by clicking on the Continue game button, we automatically load the last auto save. Thanks to the fact that we registered the activation of autosave, we will load our last place where we stopped.
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Re: button "Continue game"

#2 Post by Zetsubou » Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:38 pm

If you want a button that will continue from your last save of any variety (quick save, normal save, auto save) rather than just auto saves, you can use this instead:

Code: Select all

init +1 python:
    class LoadMostRecent(Action):

        def __init__(self):
            self.slot = renpy.newest_slot()

        def __call__(self):

        def get_sensitive(self):
            return self.slot is not None
Then set the button's action to "LoadMostRecent()".
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