telegram messenger (2 version)

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Re: telegram messenger (2 version)

#121 Post by Prandygame » Thu Oct 15, 2020 7:19 pm

I am not English speaking, so I will use the translator, this code is incredible, I have version 1.3 and it works quite well, however it seems to be created exclusively for a certain resolution and my game is at a 1280x720 resolution, I try all the ways it is possible to play with the positions of the screen messenger and unfortunately I have not been able to control the positions, even changed the size of the images to my resolution ordering it is a complete chaos for me, maybe some specifications of what I am going to move since You cannot see the upper part of the phone, it would be more comfortable for the values to adapt according to the screen resolution, the code is very good, but it makes me a problem to move and test the positions when I have no idea what I am moving sometimes.
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