Automatic text translator for games on the RenPy.

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Automatic text translator for games on the RenPy.

#1 Post by Andredron » Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:17 pm

For translation using the service "Yandex-translator".

Git -

User's manual:

1. Copy "translator3000.rpa" in the game folder, in the game directory for which translation is needed.

2. We start the game and, after launch, turn it off.

3. Open the file "vladya_translator_setting.json", which appeared in the game directory.

4. Insert the API key "Yandex" (instructions for obtaining below) in quotes, replacing the original text


5. We change the translation parameters to the necessary ones, if necessary:
Parametr GameLanguage :
The language of the game itself, WHICH need a translation.

Parametr directionOfTranslation:
The language, WHICH need a translation
Available language codes can be found here - ... _languages

6. We use

Where to get the free API key "Yandex translator":

1. Login in your Yandex account, on behalf of which requests will be sent.

2. We follow the link API "Yandex" -

3. Click "Create a key" and give it a name, if you plan to create several keys, so as not to confuse.

https://user-images.githubusercontent.c ... c37c95.png

4. Copy the generated key.

Image -
https://user-images.githubusercontent.c ... 7c94d4.png

5. Paste it into the file, replacing the original text.

I know, I'm writing terribly in English.

I'm writing a Renpy textbook (in Russian). Update 22.06.18

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