Scroll any, not even seamless background

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Scroll any, not even seamless background

#1 Post by Andredron » Fri Mar 15, 2019 8:58 am


Download - ... t.html?m=1

How to scroll with arbitrary speed any background and still make it seamless? Very simple:
mirror and dock the same sides
example for moving left

Code: Select all

    image sky = "images / sky.jpg"
    #transformations for moving and mirroring
    transform scroll_in (delay = 10.0):
        xpos config.screen_width xzoom -1.0
        linear delay xpos 0
        pause delay
    transform scroll_in2 (delay = 10.0):
        xpos config.screen_width
        pause delay
        linear delay xpos 0
    transform scroll_out (delay = 10.0):
        xpos 0
        linear delay xpos -config.screen_width
        pause delay
    transform scroll_out2 (delay = 10.0):
        xpos config.screen_width
        pause delay
        xpos 0 xzoom -1.0
        linear delay xpos -config.screen_width

init python:
    # function combines transformations
    # displays
    def _scroll (img, effect = None, delay = 10.0): (img + "1", what = ImageReference (img), at_list = [scroll_in (delay)]) (img + "2", what = ImageReference (img), at_list = [scroll_out (delay)]) (img + "3", what = ImageReference (img), at_list = [scroll_in2 (delay)]) (img + "4", what = ImageReference (img), at_list = [scroll_out2 (delay)])
        renpy.with_statement (effect)
    def _hide (img, effect = None):
        renpy.hide (img + "1")
        renpy.hide (img + "2")
        renpy.hide (img + "3")
        renpy.hide (img + "4")
        renpy.with_statement (effect)
# all, now you can anywhere in the script
# one line display moving seamless pattern
label start:
    scene black
    # display (parameters can be omitted)
    $ _scroll ("sky", Dissolve (2.0), 15)
    pause # enjoy the clouds
    # now hide our running pictures
    $ _hide ("sky", Dissolve (2.0))
    pause .5
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