Something like cheat codes

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Something like cheat codes

#1 Post by Andredron » Thu May 16, 2019 2:54 am

Image ... heat.jpg

Link to the archive with the project ... 8.html?m=1

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init python:

    money = 100
    # stroke
    style.default.outlines = [(2, "# 0008", 0, 0), (1, "# 0008", 0, 0)]

    # action for entering and checking cheats
    def call_input ():
        code = input ("Enter the code:")
        if code == "1234":
            global money
            money + = 100
            message ("You conjured 100 money.")
        elif code is None:
            message ("You pressed cancel.")
            message ("Password is incorrect.")
    CallInput = renpy.curry (call_input)

#this screen is waiting for tabbing
screen cheat:
    key "K_TAB" action CallInput ()
    # denyuzhek indicator
    frame align (.95, .05) background "# 0008":
        text "$ [money]" color "# dd4" size 48

# The game starts here.
label start:
    scene bg
    show neko with dissolve
    # show the screen that catches the cheat code button
    show screen cheat
    "Press TAB to enter the cheat code. And enter" 1234 "."
    "Game over."

I know, I'm writing terribly in English.

I'm writing a Renpy textbook (in Russian). Update 22.06.18

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