Simple tracker for change of speaker (aka applying transforms to the namebox)

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Simple tracker for change of speaker (aka applying transforms to the namebox)

#1 Post by philat » Tue Oct 29, 2019 12:31 am

This gets asked enough that I figured I'd post a relatively simple method to do this. Works as of 7.3.5.

- Character callbacks:

- _last_say_who is an internal variable Ren'py maintains. This basically just creates two extra variables to track when the speaker changes. I added underscores to _speaker_changed and _last_last_say_who for fun. (Well, really because you probably shouldn't be changing them manually.)

- There are definitely other ways to do this; I'm posting something super simple and barebones that will prob work for most cases.

Code: Select all

init 2 python:
    def speaker_change_callback(event, interact=True, **kwargs):
        global _speaker_changed, _last_last_say_who
        if event=="begin":
            _speaker_changed = (_last_say_who != _last_last_say_who)
            _last_last_say_who = _last_say_who

default _speaker_changed = False
default _last_last_say_who = ""

define e = Character("Eileen")
define a = Character("Anne")

label start:
    e "1"
    e "2"
    a "3"
    a "4"
    a "5"
    e "6"

transform bounce: # random example transform, obvs change if you wish
        ease 0.2 yoffset -10
        ease 0.2 yoffset 0
        alpha 0.0
        linear 0.4 alpha 1.0

screen say(who, what):
    style_prefix "say"

        id "window"

        if who is not None:

                ## two lines added to default say screen otherwise no changes
                if _speaker_changed:
                    at bounce
                id "namebox"
                style "namebox"
                text who id "who"

        text what id "what"

    ## If there's a side image, display it above the text. Do not display on the
    ## phone variant - there's no room.
    if not renpy.variant("small"):
        add SideImage() xalign 0.0 yalign 1.0

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Re: Simple tracker for change of speaker (aka applying transforms to the namebox)

#2 Post by Donmai » Tue Oct 29, 2019 10:52 am

Great! Simple and effective. :)
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