Extended Gallery functionality (+example) RenPy 7.4.4

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Extended Gallery functionality (+example) RenPy 7.4.4

#1 Post by cheonbyeol » Sun Apr 18, 2021 5:43 pm

So, I have extended the code of the existing Gallery class with some extra functionality, such as more intricate navigation and support for multi-page galleries.

A very TL;DR version of what's included:
- looping the navigation of images
- navigation between image groups (skip variations on the same button)
- a pages system to handle multiple gallery pages from the same gallery
- updated display screens, with keyboard navigation and a hideable interface
- an example build of a gallery with multiple pages

Please go to the GitHub repository to download the code and read the detailed documentation on how to use it!
It's embedded in a bare bones project, ready to download and test for yourself.

For feedback or questions, I'm quickest to reach on Discord as cheonbyeol#3602, but you can comment here, and there's other contacts on GitHub.

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