Detailed word counts for Lint (Character/File/Character&File)

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Detailed word counts for Lint (Character/File/Character&File)

#1 Post by Syrale » Tue Aug 16, 2022 5:10 pm

I first just wanted to add character word counts to Lint, but then I went a bit overboard... I'm sharing the result with you here!

With this code, the expanded capabilities of Lint are to display word counts per character, per file, and per character per file.

This has many practical use cases, such as:
  • Predicting the costs of voice acting, per character
  • Keeping track of your writing progress
  • Estimating the playtime of a new chapter
  • Noticing which characters you've neglected (or favored too much)
  • Comparing the lengths of different routes
  • And probably more!

Code: Select all

Character statistics:
 * sa has 1,744 blocks of dialogue, and 17,891 words.
 * ef has 1,148 blocks of dialogue, and 13,599 words.
 * di has 733 blocks of dialogue, and 9,058 words.

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File statistics:
 * [common_1.rpy] contains 899 dialogue blocks and 11,178 words.
 * [common_2.rpy] contains 777 dialogue blocks and 10,227 words.
 * [common_3.rpy] contains 1,109 dialogue blocks and 13,988 words.

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Detailed File statistics:
[common_1.rpy] contains 899 dialogue blocks and 11,178 words:
 * ef has 155 blocks of dialogue, and 1,930 words.
 * sa and re have 145 blocks of dialogue, and 1,662 and 1,932 words each.
 * fo has 42 blocks of dialogue, and 545 words.
[common_2.rpy] contains 777 dialogue blocks and 10,227 words:
 * sa has 68 blocks of dialogue, and 752 words.
 * re has 60 blocks of dialogue, and 643 words.
 * ef has 55 blocks of dialogue, and 581 words.

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