Japanese Music Compendium [70+]

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Japanese Music Compendium [70+]

#1 Post by Alte » Sun Jun 22, 2014 3:59 pm

Please read and follow the rules before downloading, thank you.

Music is VFR

You can find the menu after clicking on the BGM button on the left side.

[Recent, Pop, Synth, Piano, Orchestra, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Rock, Electronica, Soul, Minimal, Ambient, Music box, Short loop, Other, Documentary]

Music on this website is licensed under:

Give credit "Music is VFR."


Abstract Hope

[Arrange MP3, Original MP3, Original MIDI]

Terms of Use

- Arrange MP3
Copyright arrangements song are the property of their respective manufacturers.
Please use them at your own risk.
Non-commercial use

- Original Music
Free to use for "non-commercial" use.
You must give credit with this link: http://bungakuseinen.com/




You're feel to use the music however you like.
Whether it's for BGM in an animation, music playing in a shop, etc.
Please refrain from redistribution and directing link to the files. It's not allowed.
Also don't claim the music as your own.
If you want to link/ credit back use: http://music.geocities.jp/hakuu_amabine/
"Amabine : Hakuu"




Free to use for "non-commercial" projects.
When using the music, please link back: http://agnello-pecora.chu.jp/CAMeLIA/index.html
Credit: Mary

Direct link to the download is not allowed.
Usage of illegal websites.




Terms of Use:
Music is availiable to use for non-commercial and commercial use.
When you have a chance, please link back: http://2ram.com/
Credit "Ramine" is fine.
Secondary distribution is not allowed.



[Original & FinalFantasy]

Free to use for non-commercial and commercial.
You're not allowed to use the materials for religious purpose and crime related activity.
Selling the music and redistribution is prohibited.
Giving credit is optional but appreciated, if it's commercial you're required to link to the homepage: http://remair.net/



Materials are free to use for "non-commercial."
You must give credit to "Verysmile" when using the material.
Using the material for profanity, adult content, and advertising is not allowed.




Go to Music, then click on Music Room.
When you see the bold print "*Please read this rules!!→" click on the language that you can understand.
Please read and follow the rules, thank you.


-音楽工房夢見月- ongaku koubou [yumemiduki]

[Pet - cute / comic / bright / up-tempo / quiet]
[Seasonal flower - healing / Japanese / fantastic / nursery rhyme style / retro, etc.]
[Events - variety, Fantasy festival, ethnic music, heartwarming fairy tale, unique, etc.]
[Short song - less than 30 seconds.]

When using the material please link back, http://www.yumemiduki.jp/index.html
The materials are free to use for commercial and non-commercial.

Direct link to the material
Use for live-action adult content
False claim of copyright
Use of donation
Selling the material without our consent


-OTONOHAPPA- The leaves of sound

You can find over ten BGM there.

User Agreement-


Mush Music Library

[Field, Battle, Town/ Village, Dungeon, Event, Jingle, Theme, Other]

Terms of Service:
Free to use for "non-commercial" purposes.
Always give credit to "Mush" when using the material.
Secondary distribution is not allowed.



[Original Retro Game Music]
- Heavy, - Fun, - Friendly, - Sad, - Doubtful, - Jingle, - Sound

Terms of Use:
For the use of non-commercial projects.
You're allow to make music arrangements.

False copyright, don't claim the materials as your own.
Selling the material, no secondary distribution.
Direct link to the material, it's bad for our server.



[Piano / Orchestra]

Terms of Use:
Free to use for non-commercial purposes.
You must give credit to "Rito."
To provide copyright to the website, display the url link: http://r1tard.raindrop.jp/
Secondary distribution is prohibited.



[Orchestra, Band, Ethnic, variety]

You can find the BGM at the songbank tab.

Terms of Use:
Free to use for non-commercial and commercial works.
When using our music, always credit back to "369."
Example) BGM by 369, music material / 369

Not allowed:
Direct link to the music material
Music used without copyright display
Heavy modification on music


Zero Matter


Music can be found in the left side bar with the links 1, 2, 3, and 4,

Free to use for personal, web, games, and commercial use. (by commercial, like commercial games)
Don't sell the materials in it's original form.
Please credit us back at:


夢にみた緑 [Green as seen in a dream]

Original music


Terms of Use:
You're free to use original music for non-commercial works.
For commercial use, send them an email for further details.
Using arrangements is prohibited.
If you used our music please link back: http://yougou.sonnabakana.com/


Wingless Seraph


Terms of Use:
Please give credit to "Wingless Seraph."
Music is free to use for freeware, adult works, and commercial use.
Redistribution and Secondary distribution is not allowed.


種と穀 [Seeds and Grains]

[ambience, other]

非ループ: Non-Loop
ループ: Loop

Terms of Use:
It would be nice if you can link back to the site: http://tanetokoku.iinaa.net/
Crediting would be appreciated.
You're welcome to use the material for non-commercial, commercial, and eduction purposes.
You can't use the music for crimes, profanity, things that revolves around cults.



[NES-Styled BGM]

Terms of Service:

Free to use for either commercial and non-commercial.
Redistribution and second distribution is not allowed.
If you're using the material, give credit.
You're free to share the link.


sound labo' fuzzy

Terms of Use:
Music can be used for "non-commercial" only.
Credit is required.
For example- Music: sound labo' fuzzy / Music by slf / composed by slf
Secondary distribution is not allowed.



[Bright, Gentle, Serious, Loud, Mysterious, Japanese & etc, Rock & pops, Orchestra, Eletronica]

Agreement: Copyright of the music of this website is owned by the administrator. If you want to use the music in your content, please put a link to this site.

It's free to use for "non-commercial" as long you link back to: http://www.sougetsu-on.net/
Don't redistribute our materials.


Free Distribution Against the Carnage


ポケットサウンド [Pocket Sound]

[Easy listening, Electronica, Piano, Classic piano, Battle, Vocaloid]

To credit, please link back -> http://pocket-se.info/

Please don't directly link to the sound material.
Don't sale the materials by itself, secondary distribution is prohibited.



◆ Copyright
Always credit back please by using this link.

◆ Usage
The material is free under "non-commercial use."

◆ Prohibition
Secondary distribution, direct link to the material, and commercial use.

[Fantasy, RPG]

Material page entrance


おとわび [Otowabi]

[Japanese-styled BGM]

Terms of Use
- Credit unnecessary
- Commercial use is allowed
- Modification allowed

If you want to give credit, you're free to do so.


音空 (Sound Sky)


You're welcome to use the music however you like.
As long your work is made freely available. [non-commercial]
Don't redistribute the music.
Please give credit to "Sky Sound."
Avoid using "works."


東 瑠利子Official WebSite -メロスピ神- [The God of Melodicspeedmetal]


You can find the selection of music in the left sidebar after clicking on the MP3 tab.

Using our music-

Music on this site is free to use for personal and non-commercial use.
However you're required to credit back to our website since we don't abandon copyright.

This method of crediting is preferable to us.
♪Music : Melodic God http://metaldtm.com/


Katanuke Solitary Orchestra

It's free to use for "non-commercial" as long you credit back.
The web address is fine: http://katanuke.com

Using the material for adult content, religion with guidance, anti-social with a criminal intent, and suicide-based website is not allowed.
Secondary distribution, redistribution, unauthorized sale of material, and counterfeiting of copyright information is prohibited.



[variety of themes]

Terms of Use:
The music files on this website is free to use for "non-commercial."
All music files is the property of HURT RECORD, give credit where credit is due please.
Direct link to the music files is not allowed.
Redistribution (secondary distribution) and unauthorized sales is prohibited.



The material on this website is made by a guy named "IT.XX."
Be sure to give credit. m(_ _)m
Linking back to the homepage is not necessary.

Please don't resell or redistribute the material separately and secondary modifications.


Gaia Stone -game sounds factory -

Terms of Use:

- All music on this website belongs to KANJI.
- Appreciate if you can give credit.

x Direct link to the music download is prohibited.
x Secondary distribution is not allowed.


Presence of Music

[RPG Fantasy] [Horror Suspense]

Terms of Use
- Using the music from our website is fine as long it's used for "non-commercial."
- Redistribution is not allowed.
- Please always link back to the homepage: http://www.presence-of-music.com/



Free to use for "profit and non-profit."
Copyright display isn't required, but you might need to give credit anyways.


Senses Circuit

For "non-commercial use" please specify the copyright.

Such as, BGM: Senses Circuit

Redistribution is not allowed.



Mood: Healing, Happy, Sadness, Violence, Horror, Tension
Genre: Japanese, Celtic, Mysterious, Grand, Future, Opening, Battle, Cute
Other: Jingle, Sound Effect
Event: Halloween, Xmas, Wedding, Meditation, Game

Music material on this website can be used free as long it's for "non-commercial" work.
Please link back when you have the chance.


Maou Damashii

High quality free BGM menu: NeoRock, Orchestra, Piano, Healing, Acoustic, Syber
BGM for game: Battle, Boss, Last Boss, Theme, FIeld, Vehicle, Castle, Town, Village, Casino, Dungeon, Event, Rock, Piano, Orgel (Music Box), Medley

- Personal and commercial use, free to use. Please don't forget to give credit.
- Secondary distribution or claiming them as your own is prohibited.



Tension: Cheerful, Quiet, Cool, Strong, Dark
Category: Piano, Orchestra

Terms of Use:
Please credit "Soundscape" if you're using these tracks.
Redistribution is not allowed.
Commercial use is also OK.
Please be sure to read to use about it.



All music are free to use for non-commercial and commercial.
Please credit "Hiroaki Konegawa"
Also link back to web address: http://www.hiroakikonegawa.com/
Secondary redistribution is not allowed.


Boy Sounds

Terms of Use:
Free to use for commercial and non-commercial alike.

You can't commercialize the material by itself. For example, purpose of selling the CD or "Free material BGM Collection." That's not allowed. Same goes for redistribution.

Give credit to "Boy Sounds"


Desk Top Mafia

Categories: BGM, Bright, Dark, Fierce, Calm, Digital, Orchestra, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Piano, Uncategorized

Terms of Use:
- Please give credit to "Desk Top Mafia." (Attribution)
- Secondary distribution prohibited (No redistribution)


BGM無料著作権フリー (Copyright Free BGM)

Terms of Use:
- It's free regardless of personal and commercial use.
To save use the right-click on the mp3 file.



BGM | Old | Jingle

RPG Fantasy styled music

Terms of Use:
- Non-commercial purposes
- Credit back to the site:http://a-babe.plala.jp/~ni-on/
- Secondary distribution as material prohibited
- Linking the music files from the site directly is prohibited


音楽素材 MusicMaterial

[Pops, Healing, Piano, Orchestra, Rock, Ambient]


This site is provided by, MP3 files of free music material, and agree to the Terms of Service
It is available only person who, copyright material can be found on this site "MusicMaterial".

Terms of use

- BGM are free to use for profit and non-profit purposes.
- Redistributions and selling the song is not allowed.
- Give credit to "MusicMaterial."



Sound Effect/ Jingle/ Piano

Music Box/ Brass/ Orchestra/ Vocaloid/ Other/ JUNK

Calm/ Bright/ Nature/ Japanese/ Majestic/ Sorrow/ Cool

Spring/ Summer/ Autumn/ Winter/ X-mas

Serene Forest (10 songs)/ Scene of the World (3 songs)/ Butterfly (5 songs)


Freeware (Non-commercial)
It is available in representation of the thing and the URL producer is sound people in such distribution document (http://www.aoitorinouta.com/).
You please contact us in advance does not matter even post in.
Please send an email on clear writing songs that were used.

Terms of Use

× direct link to the music
× reprint without permission, unauthorized distribution
× claim them as your own (plagiarism of Copyright Act.)
× use this site for illegal websites

You need permission for:
△ commercial purposes



Ensemble/ Solo/ Techno/ Sound Effect

Give credit to "TopeconHeroes."

What's not allowed
● Selling the material from DUSTSOUNDS by itself and the modified material is prohibited.
● Redistribution of the sound material.
● Direct link to the material.



Acoustic | Bright | Cool | Cute | Easy Listening | Fantasy | Gentle | Hope | Lonely | Music Box | Nostalgic | Piano | Pop | Sad | Tension | Warm

Music usage
- Commercial / Non-commercial is fine.
- Feel free to make modifications.
- Reporting is not necessary, please credit "G-Sound."
- I'm glad that you enjoy the tunes.

For the use of political activities
Although we do not ban for political agenda, G-Sound takes a neutral stance for any political thought. Because we don't take responsibility for the trouble caused by our music, please use them sparingly.

Prohibited matter
- Content used for conflicting the laws and regulations
- Direct linl to the URL of-music file
- Selling the source file by itself
- Secondary distribution (Redistribution)
- Claim them as your own


Fill & Feel

[slice of life, pop]


Terms of Use [Free for Non-commercial use]

Link copyright notice - how-to

Music by Leaf Nishida (Fill & Feel)

As mentioned above, the name, for the text that you fill in the circle name, please put a link to the (http://www.fillfeel.com/).

Music by Leaf Nishida (Fill & Feel) - http://www.fillfeel.com/

Prohibited matter

- Using a website to distribute music
- Direct link to the material
- Secondary distribution of the music
- Misrepresentation of copyright information


Phantom Music Box Studios

Terms of Use:
It's free to use for Non-commercial works.
Please give credit to "Tabata Ryoichi."

MP3 data


"Original Up's Sound zero"

Terms are explained in english and to navigate use the sidebar to the right. [Music Menu]

Categories: Sad, Fantasy, Mild, Grand, Heavy



Category: fantasy, majestic, ethno, healing, battle

Terms of Use:

- The music is "free" to use in commercial and non-commercial alike.

- The copyright of all music material on this web site belongs to the "Keiko Ishihara".

- Secondary distribution is not allowed.

- Extreme modification/ editing such as loop-length adjustment and fade processing is prohibited.




All sound material is copyright to "Sasahara Nata."

Terms of use

When using the material, link to the material website.
The page that you use the material, please describe the [Site Name] and [Song Title] that was used.
Please give credit

Don't directly link to the downloading material.
Redistribution is not allowed.
You can't use the music for a music material site.
Don't use it for religion-based site.
Don't use it for adult content.



Left sidebar translations

- Update order
- Piano: bright
- Piano: dark
- Bright
- Cute
- Upbeat
- Suspicious
- Dark
- Fantasy
- Songs
- Music box
- Piano
- Other
<Game music>
- Romancing SaGa 2
- SaGa Frontier 2

Terms of Use:

■ Original song
Midi and mp3 is free to use.
Please refrain from redirecting the link to the download.
Using the material for non-commercial and commercial work are welcomed.
Just don't sell or redistribute the material itself.
Don't use it for illegal activity or immoral purposes.
(Adult content · BL · GL is OK)

■ Classic
This site and has published a classic song that has expired copyright.
The terms are the same as the original.

■ Game music
This site have published music from familiar games like "Romancing Saga 2", "KANON", "AIR".
These, unlike the original, are not the free material.
Your use of the material will be limited to secondary creation of the original game. (Fangame)
If you use it, the author does not take any responsibility of the damage you caused.



[Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion(s), Horror, ETC...]

Free to use as long you give credit to ASOBEAT.
Example: "Using the BGM of ASOBEAT".



Terms of Use

Please credit and link back to the homepage after use.
For example, (title, URL)
You're welcome to use the music for non-commercial and commercial purposes.
You're not allowed to use the music for adult content.


Conte De Fees

Terms of Use

1. Using the music is free to use for "non-commercial" as long it's mentioned in the credits.
Example of crediting: "Music: Conte De Fees"

2. If you're satisfied feel free to link back! (not required)

3. Prohibitions
- Please don't redirect the download link.
- Unknown music modification (loop, sound pressure OK)
- Secondary distribution
- False copyright



[Mood various from relaxing, cheerful, stylish cool, and dark horror.]

License (simplified version)

- You must give proper attribution.

Background Music
- My works is Free Production Music. Used as BGM, secondary distribution is prohibited.


Cyber-Rainforce (3104式)

-Drum'n'bass/Break beats/Noise-
-Game (Battle)-
-Game (Village / Town)-
-Game (Dungeon)-
-Game (Field)-
-Game (Other)-

License for English speakers


Dear listeners

Thank you for coming ! My name is Cyber-Rainforce, independent music composer living in Japan. I compose many musics (MP3, Ogg, and SMF) for video games (e.g. RPG maker). These music are able to categorizing to synth pops, techno, and trance.

You can use Cyber-Rainforce musics for your products. If you want to use the my musics for your products, please read the term of the license.


Please read the term of the following license before downloading the Cyber-Rainforce musics. By downloading the musics, you agree to become bound by the term of license. If you not agree with the term of the license, do not use the my musics.

1. The copyright of all musics remain the property of Cyber-Rainforce.

2. You can modify the Cyber-Rainforce musics (file format, arrange, remixing, and more).

3. You can use Cyber-Rainforce musics for your products (free or commercial use) as music resources.
If you use Cyber-Rainforce's musics in your movie, web pages, and video games, please give the copyright credit. ex.) Musics (music titles) by Cyber-Rainforce

4. You "CANNOT" distribute Cyber-Rainforce music files (including the modified files) without any your products. If you distribute the your products using Cyber-Rainforce music, Please embed in your products or add to your products.

5. You can use musics for commercial use without fee.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.
(at) is equal to @.

Thanks for reading to the end.



[Pop, Rock, Punk, Dark, Comedic, Cyber, Orchestra, Healing, Loop, etc...]

Condition of use: Free for non-commercial and commercial use, as long the user link back to their URL.

サイト名 [Site name]




[Pop / Trance / ballad / music box / piano.]

About material use:
O - Project use such as web site, CM, radio, games, presentations, PR videos, and in-store for BGM.
O - Asking permission is not required.
O - Commercial use: either you want to use it for a game app or within a DVD.
O - Crediting is not required.
X - Direct link to the material on the site is prohibited.
X - Secondary distribution is not allowed. You can not sell, reproduction, resale loan as it is, the material on the site.



[ Vocaloid | Band | Computer | Orgol (Music Box) ]

Available and free to use for personal hobby and projects. Even commercial use.

Please refrain from selling or secondary distribution of the material itself. You can't claim them as your own. Please no don't use the material for profane content.

For copyright notice-
You're not required but in the case of work needs attribution, I would appreciate it, if you would specify the URL and site name when possible.



[ Japanese Style | Orchesta Style | Other ]

Guide to Using the Music (read the following link)



[Bright, dark, serious, wonder, city loop, subtle, nameless]


Condition of use:
Please provide the link back when possible, if you want to use in the work for free.
Link back with a copyright notice whenever you want to use in the works of (even when there's minimal money involved) commercial.
Copyright is not abandoned.


光闇世界 ― モノクロ

Free to use for commercial and non-commercial. Please no secondary redistribution without consent.

Term of Use:
Credit the website: http://www.j-rokudo.jp/


Nine Gates

[Acoustic & Relaxing, Dark & Symphonic, Loud & Alternative]

Terms of Use

1. Use report-
Free to use for freeware and personal use, [non-commecial] There is no obligation to for reporting.
I'd like a report from use mail form If you used a fee or software corporation.

2. Crediting-
Copyright display is required. Please specify website name "NINE GATES" anywhere.
Suppose if you have any links, but we will cross if you can contact us.

3. Copyright-
I don't waiver copyright, but I allow modification in the category of "4. Processing".

4. Processing-
I suppose it's possible to modify in these following items. Please contact us individually if you would like to processing other than those listed below.

• The bit-rate reduction for capacity reduction
• And use the cut and where it is needed
• Fade in / out sound pressure adjustment

5. Prohibitions-
Secondary distribution is prohibited. Publish files that have been modified also conflict with secondary distribution.

6. Disclaimer-
We are not responsible for any damages that was caused by our music.


Candy Music!


For BGM material

For conditions of use:

- Free to use for non-commercial and commercial.
- Be sure give credit!
- We don't allow basically secondary distribution. (It is Not Good or to be distributed or sold as your own songs of the material here)
- Example: use it as BGM paid game, to sell the game is OK. However, the CD as a game soundtrack, sales are not allowed.



[battle, dungeon, town, events, techno, vocaloid, jingle]

Use for commercial works and 18+ available.
I'm not abandoning my copyright of the songs.
Credit would be appreciated though.




Terms of Service

Material is free to use for non-commercial.

1. We ask for copyright notice or a link that you intend to use.
2. File format conversion, modification is allowed.
3. It is free, but please use the basis of common sense. We can not be held liable.
4. If commercial (money) is involved, please contact us.
5. The material use of this site, any fee is not generated.


http://slos.biz/rule-en.htm <- Important, please read and understand before downloading!


TAM Music Factory

Normal - bright versatile
Spring - sadness, warmth | Healing [Recommended]
Summer - adult-like | Healing
Fall - parade, march, cheerful
Japanese - oriental japanese-style, flute, harp
Cool - unique atmosphere [Recommended]
Healing - classified in spring and summer [Recommended]
Simple - piano [Recommended]
Music box
Other - game, unusual
Jingle - short opening sound effect
Only MP3 (1) - unclassified material
Only MP3 (2) - repeated material

■ Terms of Use:

It's free to use for "non-commercial" if you can please link back and display copyright.
If commercial use you need permission from TAM Music Factory with the "use report."

■ Not allowed
- Adult content
- Religious-based guidance
- Criminal activity
- Directing link to the download
- Secondary distribution


甘茶の音楽工房 (Music studio of hydrangea tea)

Left sidebar translations

Music by mood

-Adult atmosphere


-Piano solo
-Music box
-Comtemporary music
-Film music style
-Easy listening
-New Age
-Japanese Asia
-Techno Electro
-Dark Techno


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [simplified]

Do you allow the use of commercial work?
- It's free to use for commercial and non-commercial purposes.
Although selling the music and secondary distribution is prohibited.

Do I have to link back?
- It's not necessary, but I'm glad you can include a link whenever possible.
It doesn't matter where you want to credit, the location where is convenient for you is fine by me.
"Music studio of hydrangea tea" site name > music material
URL > http://amachamusic.chagasi.com/

Do you need credit?
- It's not required, but I don't abandon the copyright of the music.
Feel free to credit "music studio of hydrangea tea."

Is modification allowed?
- Sure, as long you credit "music studio of hydrangea tea" after the changes are made.

Play (theatre) | Poetry | Reference | Stories

Public Domain Photos | Photos | Japanese Photos | Japanese Backgrounds

Royalty Free Music | Sound Effects

Font | Textures & Patterns | Icons

Clipart | Japanese Sprites
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Backgrounds | Photographs | Characters

Audio (Music, Sound, Voice) | GUI (Tools, Textboxes, Etc...) | Miscellaneous (Not too sure where)
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Re: Small list of Japanese Royalty Free Music websites

#2 Post by fioricca » Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:00 pm

Oh my gosh, I know and have used music from a few of these already (Rengoku Teien!!) but this is an impressive list! Many thanks for putting it together, including translating the licenses too! My understanding of Japanese isn't that good so it really helps to have them clarified!

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Re: Small list of Japanese Royalty Free Music websites

#3 Post by Alte » Wed Jun 25, 2014 8:20 pm

fioricca wrote:Oh my gosh, I know and have used music from a few of these already (Rengoku Teien!!) but this is an impressive list! Many thanks for putting it together, including translating the licenses too! My understanding of Japanese isn't that good so it really helps to have them clarified!
You're welcome, I added a couple more links below the equal marks.

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Re: Small list of Japanese Royalty Free Music websites

#4 Post by Asceai » Wed Jun 25, 2014 8:51 pm

SENTIVE and TAM Music Factory are two other notable ones I see used in doujin VNs a lot.

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Re: Small list of Japanese Royalty Free Music websites

#5 Post by Alte » Thu Jun 26, 2014 4:29 pm

Asceai wrote:SENTIVE and TAM Music Factory are two other notable ones I see used in doujin VNs a lot.

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Re: (was) Small list of Japanese Royalty Free Music websites

#6 Post by Sonya » Mon Jun 30, 2014 5:26 pm

OMG, thank you so much, I was JUST looking for royalty free sites like these, you made my life so much easier!

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Re: List of Japanese Royalty Free Music websites (Update#2)

#7 Post by Alte » Fri Nov 14, 2014 11:53 pm

The recent update includes 10 more websites. I listed the total of 30.

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Re: List of Japanese Royalty Free Music websites (Update#2)

#8 Post by CrimsonMoon » Sun Dec 21, 2014 11:35 pm

Thank you for the websites. :D I also found 1 website to add to the list: http://musicmaterial.jpn.org/
Updated: 06/05/2015
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Re: List of Japanese Royalty Free Music websites (Update#3)

#9 Post by Alte » Wed Dec 24, 2014 11:36 pm

Update#3 contains 5 more websites including the site suggested above with terms translated.

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Re: List of Japanese Royalty Free Music websites (Update#4)

#10 Post by Alte » Mon Mar 02, 2015 10:50 pm

I added 5 more websites in update#4. That's 40 websites now.

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Re: List of Japanese Royalty Free Music websites (Update#4)

#11 Post by kyakyakyu » Thu Jul 02, 2015 3:44 am

I know TAM, SENTIVE, Amacha, Tengoku Reien...
But no Maou Damashii and H-MIX?!

Maou Damashii (http://maoudamashii.jokersounds.com/)
H-MIX (http://www.hmix.net/) - Featured in another thread in LSF, if I remember...
These are two most websites I often find in almost RPG readmes (?)

Also these:
Senses Circuit (http://www.senses-circuit.com/)
DOVA SYNDROME (http://dova-s.jp)
Presence of Music (http://www.presence-of-music.com/)

This thread helps a lot! Thanks for having this thread in the first place~

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Re: Japanese Royalty Free Music Compendium [70+]

#12 Post by Alte » Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:38 pm

Upgraded, the list contains 75 websites. I clarified and simplified the rules the best as I can.
Two websites are no longer available: Theater Music "Ladybug" and Tanapi Center
Yuki Toshi closed off the music page since July 2015.

Edit: つくもぐぶろぐ, Flat 9th Library, and world_creation are no longer available.
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Re: Japanese Royalty Free Music Compendium [70+]

#13 Post by Green Glasses Girl » Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:54 pm

Wow, this list is fantastic! Thank you so much for compiling all the sources!

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Re: Japanese Music Compendium [70+]

#14 Post by kuzai » Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:24 pm

Has anyone ever considered a royalty free website called NASH Music Library? It's in both Japanese and English and has awesome songs.

However they are pricey as you have to pay for them but I think it's well worth it.


I have an account there myself and I've seen their songs in many different anime's I've watched. Now this website it probably best for
those of you who can afford it... But they have over thousands of songs, both vocal and non as well as sound effects.
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