This section is for people to post assets that people can use in their games. Everything here should have a creative commons or other open license, or be in the public domain.
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#1 Post by Mammon » Thu Oct 27, 2016 5:42 am

-Don't read this, it was a stupid idea that seemed like it might've been better at the time.-

Hi there, my name is Mammon and I thought; there are plenty of sprites, backgrounds and coding CC on this forum, but virtually no writing CC. I don’t know if there’s no demand for that, or if no one simply tried something like this before. But I’ve heard of people dealing with writer’s block or a sudden lack of creativity when trying to come up with a new story, while I’ve got plenty of stories roaming around my head that will never be written anyways. (Creative Commons-no restrictions apply, not even CC-BY)

If you want some story ideas of a genre not mentioned below, or some ideas that correspond with your story like a new character or smaller arc, feel free to ask as well. I hope that I can change this thread to whatever demand there actually is for CC inspiration. As long as the title says 'open for requests' I should be able to spend a few hours helping you within 48 hours.

You should in no way think that this thread is meant for me to push my unwanted stories onto you guys. You’re free to take them and change them however you like, or just browse through these ideas for inspiration. Feel no obligation to acknowledge me in the credits, whether you just find a sparkle of inspiration in between these dusty tales or copy a plot entirely, you’re the one who'll write it after all. But feel free to leave a message to let us know if this thread works and to keep it alive with your bump. And if you have some ideas for a story that you can’t or won’t be writing out yourself, feel free to post them here as well.

Please note that I have no intention of writing out these stories myself and don’t plan to join a team to create them. I’ve got plenty of other stories I do want to make instead ;). And please, don’t use this thread to advertise a story that you do want to work on, this is not a recruitment thread.

Acknowleding the stories that inspired these:
-Thanks to 'Her tears were my light' for inspiring Doki doki science gods love!
-Psycho tower actually stems from the anime series 'Death parade', don't ask me how that happened. There's actually a long process of the story changing to what it eventually became.
-Pesky hero was inspired by the works of 'Delight games', specifically 'Wizard's choice'. Their games are more of the western variant of VN's; choose-your-own-adventure books, and feature no Visuals and music. They make up for it with more interactive gameplay.
-Pestilent love isn't actually inspired by anything, I got the idea two days ago when I woke up at 3am when two cats decided to fight over their territory and thought the rats in the walls were infighting. Is it weird that my mind wandered to one of these vermin turning into a sexy girl?
An acknowledgement of a thread that already did this here. Couldn’t find anything else writing-CC related posted this year.

Pestilent love{romance}
Your house is infested with pests, and you did what any other sane human would do; you called an exterminator to deal with the problem. To the pest however, this is not as obvious, and they want to prevent this genocidal act by any means! And those means are; turning into a boy/girl to convince you not to kill their family. So, after talking to the exterminator and agreeing on a date for the cleansing, you go back inside only to find a boy/girl dressed in nothing but one of your old shirts sitting at your table. Can they convince you within a week to call off the attack, can you convince them to fall in love with you, or will this strange adventure end badly for the both of you?

So, which socially inept pest will you choose to romance? The shy and cute mouse, the cockroach without shame or social disgression, the stray cat (you know what they’d be like), the diligent ant, the airheaded fly, or the introvert fox?

-Doesn’t require a lot of backgrounds, outfits and secondary character sprites. The entire story can take place in your house.
-A very clear deadline as to how long the VN should last (used one week here).
-A very strong motivation for the romanceable characters that can even supercede the shyness of the mouse and the fox, and a good reason why they’re in your house the entire time.
-They only have one dirty t-shirt, so you could dress them up however you’d like and still improve upon their attire. (Wink, wink)

-Can it really be called love under these conditions, or are you the monster here?
-How the hell aren’t you going to be the monster if you don’t agree to their terms right away?

Psycho tower{phychological horror, survival}
Somewhere in this world, there is a bunker owned by a private company of nefarious nature. People from all around the world are abducted and brought to this bunker. In this bunker, people are forced to kill each other and do unspeakable things in order to survive, all to entertain the privileged audience watching the camera feeds being broadcasted 24/7. This bunker is called Psycho tower.

You wake up as a new contestant in Psycho tower, with no recollections of your past or even who you are. Apparently, it's standard practice for the contestants to be administered a drug to that causes amnesia, and if you don't escape the bunker within a month (or whatever) and get the antidote, your memories will be gone for good. It is up to you to choose your morality, hone your skills, survive this mad new world and maybe even make it out alive. Will you stay sane or become a monster? Will you escape this hellhole or build your reputation around here? And will you do so alone, or with friends?

-Maybe with RPG elements or minigames, fight scenes etc.
-Very much adaptable to the abilities of the maker(or rather, the coder).
-A world of extreme measures where you can develop your characters as much as you want.
-Tons of possible inspiration in the link.

-Will probably be very big and complex, with many different routes possible. But could be more linear to the point of kinetic as well.

The bunker as I envisioned it, in case you need some more inspiration
-First floor: You wake up in an elevator. As you step out, you enter a bar and a bartender beckons you over. He welcomes you to Psycho tower (which is actually a bunker), a place where psychos will be chasing you for the viewer’s pleasure. You’re in the starting area where the bartender will be playing a randomly chosen game to gage your skills. Once you selected your beginner stats, you’ll be sent to one of the floors.

-Second floor: The smiling mask society. A masquerade led by people called ‘nobles’ who wear masks. One should never ask why this is, lest you want to disappear into the kitchens. There is no violence here, people who cause trouble are dragged to the kitchens. Do not ask where the strangely flavoured meat comes from or refuse to eat it when it’s offered to you, or be dragged to the kitchens. (Jup, cannibals.) And do try to be entertaining, people who bore the smiling masks head for the kitchens.
This floor is small but very crowded by people who either know what it’s like in the other floors or heard the tales. And the idea is the same; unless you’re strong, this is the safest place to be. As such, there’s an almost animalistic fear lingering behind the masquerade all the time, keeping the people from leaving or rebelling.

-Floor 3: Anarcadia. A place filled with traps, puzzles and death rooms, making it the only place where your fellow contestants aren’t the greatest danger. Well, except the few admins who present the games and try to kill you as flashy and bloody as possible for the audience’s pleasure.

-Floor 4: The colosseum. A place of strength, honour and fame. The fourth floor has large arenas and cages, wild beasts to fight. You fight for fight club, but never talk about fight club. For this is the floor where warriors battle to become worthy of Valhalla. Yeah, the clans are still arguing about what century they’re supposed to roleplay here. But arena fights, that’s the gist of it.

-Floor 5: Pete’s den. A maze of greenery and darkness, filled with hunters stalking the ultimate prey. Survive, any way possible.

-Floor 6-8: Hell. A place of anarchy, chaos and insanity. Only the strong and cruel are respected here and everything goes. Kill anyone you like, set any amount of traps, commit mass genocide even. If you can do it, you should do it. But don’t expect anyone to show you any mercy either. Welcome to Hell, where only the cruellest survive.

Doki doki science gods love{highschool, romance, science}
As you are enduring yet another boring English lesson, your mind drifts off and you start to doodle. But unlike other students, you don’t doodle stick figures or one-liners, you doodle advanced theories about the laws of physics and the working of the universe. Yeah, you’re a nerd.

But one day, when you’re pondering about the ratifications of combining the physical apparition of temperature with the law of relativity again, you accidentally figure out the true nature of gravity and ascent the mortal realm. Turns out that the first human to truly understand a physical phenomenom becomes the avatar of that phenomenom. Being the first human to have realised the true nature of Gravity, you are now the personification of Gravity itself! And you’re still in a classroom for some reason…

The Eureka! moment I envisioned: It is a well-known law of physics that atoms move/vibrate faster when the temperature increases. According to Einstein’s law of relativity, the faster something moves the slower times goes for that object compared to its surroundings. Combining these, you get that the higher the temperature, the more relativity occurs. Which means that times goes slower for the sun compared to us, and that there are different layers of time dilation within the sun. But what about objects that are 0 Kelvin: the absolute 0° temperature? Do they go so slow that they do not experience time at all? Well, yeah, temperature cannot exist without energy, meaning that pure solid matter at 0° Kelvin doesn’t have the energy to move either. Where does that energy go in solids then? Well, bla, bla, bla logic leap… Gravity is a result of matter as Time is a result of energy. You now understand the true meaning of Gravity (in this fictional story).

Always wanted to play a game where you can socialise with particles like the photon, flirt with dimensions like Time and Space or befriend the chaos that is slowly consuming the universe called Entropy? Well, here’s your chance to geek out!

-Characters already emotionally designed and named based upon their laws of nature.
-Will only require 2-3 background sprites of a standard classroom and maybe some pics of the universe and some GC sprites.
-School-based romance story without having to worry about anything related to realism.

-Do you know your science?
-There is little driving force behind this VN’s plot

Possible characters
Gravity (You): Protagonist. You recently figured out the true nature of the phenomenon called gravity and are suddenly in a classroom with other avatars of the laws of physics. Now it’s up to you to choose what to do and such.

Time: Tsundere. The counterpart of Gravity and not taking a liking to you from the very beginning. He/She doesn’t seem to like you at all, really. But you bet that you can make them change that opinion if you want ;). Tsundere is male or female depending on what gender you choose.

Space: Teacher. As the very first person to ever ascend, Space has been in this classroom for a very long time.

Matter: A knucklehead. This guy isn’t exactly the brightest…
An airhead. This girl seems to have the IQ of a squirrel…

Energy: An energetic little rascal too young for you to tell their gender, but definitely old enough to romance probably? Energy seems to be on an everlasting sugar rush as they keep eating candy they’re getting from God knows where and jumping all over the classroom doing mischievous things.

Enthalpy: A calm and matter of fact kind of guy, very reasonable and charming when Entropy isn’t pushing him to the edge with his practical jokes.
A calm and collected girl, tasked with keeping her best friend Entropy from getting in too much trouble, but not always being successful.

Entropy: A chaotic and confusing guy who appears to be roleplaying to be the actual
apparition of Entropy and insisting to treat all the others accordingly. Best friends with Energy in their mischievous tricks and always messing with Enthalpy for some reason.
A trouble-seeking gall who seems to adore the unusual and doesn’t care of anyone ordinary, likes to tempt Energy to get into trouble and is usually only barely being reined in by Enthalpy.

Photon: This guy is such a standard male, it’s almost as if he’s a protagonist. Sweethearts with Electron and not a romanceable route, but friendly enough. Upon further investigation though, he and Electron turn out to be terrified of being separated from each other once the components (quarks and such) of their elements get figured out and one of them will disappear.

Electron: This girl is such a standard female, it’s almost as if she’s a protagonist. Sweethearts with Photon and not a romanceable route, but friendly enough. Upon further investigation though, she and Photon turn out to be terrified of being separated from each other once the components of their elements get figured out and one of them will disappear.

Nil: The Alpha and Omega. The one who existed before all and to whom everything shall return.
A quiet, depressing, almost emo kind of guy who doesn’t want to share his emotions and tries to distance himself from the rest of the group both physically and socially.
An insecure, depressed girl who doesn’t seem all to comfortable socially and who thinks that everyone things bad things about her.

Pesky hero!{Fantasy, dark, adventure}
The fair city of Malen is in chaos and disarray! After their noble army was annihilated by the undead forces of the powerful necromancer Ak, the city itself is in danger. And their one hope, a mighty relic of the Goddess Malessa capable of destroying anything nefarious, can no longer be used. Not after Ak’s agents killed the sisters of Malessa, the only ones who can activate this relic.
But there’s hope. Rumours are spreading that one sister survived the onslaught with the help of a brave bystander, an unlikely hero, a lone warrior. She, and she alone, can bring an end to Ak’s forces now. But the undead have already breached the walls, the necromancer’s agents are still at large within the city and the mighty necromancer still has many tricks up his sleeves. Can she get to the relic in time? It all comes down to the lonesome hero with her. That hero…

What? No. No, you are not that hero. You are Ak, the necromancer trying to conquer this city. And that damn hero is messing up your plans! It’s up to you to squash that pesky hero and destroy this city once and for all! But that damn hero seems to survive your attacks every time, while you're busy conquering a city and keeping the various factions amongst your horde happy as well. You cannot allow that hero to get to the tower of Malessa and activate the relic!

-Can be done in a great variety of ways, from just a kinetic VN to being a RPG game
-You can easily be the hero instead of the necromancer in this story and just ignore my idea.

-If you take the version from the longer-text link, it’s really demanding in terms of coding, and requires a secondary game within the game for strategy aspect. (I scrapped this idea for a reason.)

The unusual robot club threesome{Highschool, romance, robots, sci-fi}
My school is the most prestigious school in the region. My school has graduated some of the most promising scientists, athletes and politicians of our generation. My school is the most freaking amazing school in the whole wide world and look at it go. It’s literally pooping out talent at this point. Seriously, am I the only normal student here!?

You are <Protagonist>, and you’re apparently the only student of <Super mega amazing school> that isn’t motivated or gifted to become a revolutionary talent of some sort. But the school won’t allow you to just slack off and tarnish their reputation by being a normal teenager, and the student counsel vice with the stick up their ass has given you a deadline: You’ll have to join a club before the end of club recruitment day, or they’ll pick a club for you. Like you don’t have a better way to spend those after-school hours!

And now, the dreaded day is upon you. You already know that there is no easy-going club that doesn’t have any regular mandatory over-hours, and there are certainly no clubs that tolerate ghost members. No, even the least significant clubs that never placed in any national tournament have regular weekend training. WEEKEND training! You have a thousand better things to do in the weekends!

But there is a small glimmer of hope. After scouring every club for the easiest one, you stumbled upon the robot club: the one club that didn’t have a recruitment stand and doesn’t even want you in their midst. They’d even prefer you to be a ghost member! So, the choice is made and you join this club to be free from the student counsel’s tyranny. You’ll just need to hang around the workplace for a few days to pretend you’re doing something until the vice president stops checking up on you.

But while you’re wasting time playing some game on your phone, you’re starting to notice a few strange things. One guy is continuously doing the exact same thing over and over, and the other one has been staring at a single page for hours now, without blinking! Turns out that there are only two real members in this club, and one of them is an android. You just found out something you weren’t supposed to know, and now… Now you’re actually interested in an after-school activity. Huh.

Find out how and why the enigmatic inventor created a freaking android using nothing but school-supplied tools, spend some time with the somewhat superficial android, unravel the secret behind the robot club’s existence. And most importantly; decide how the love triangle will turn out.

Because it turns out that the android has a crush on their creator, and you’re presence is an unwanted interference in their advances. One day, one day the android will figure out how to secure their creator’s heart and circumvent the issue that the inventor sees them ‘as their child’. But now, the inventor might have a liking for you instead! Will you help the android secure their love, steal their love for yourself, or seduce the android instead?

Acknowledgements not really apply here, I have no idea how ‘If my heart had wings’ inspired this story, but it did. Somehow.

-Can be BxG, GxB, Yaoi or Yuri
-The first part can inspire various other stories aside from the robot club one.
-Can also yield various campy yet more serious storylines instead of a love triangle, like introducing a malevolent AI also created in the robots club
-It happens in a school, so plenty of CC resources for it.

-The protagonist might be unlikely due to their laziness.

The conversation{Realism, training, unorthodox}
I was merely glancing through the crowds when I saw her. She looked so pretty, she looked so cute, and surprisingly enough she looked at me! Well, she did, before looking down while smiling a bit. I don't know a lot about women, but she seems to like me! Me! And for the first time in my life, I've managed to gather up the courage to walk over to a girl.

This is a little more of a team-building idea for a team with multiple writers, it's essentially just a conversation of two people meeting. Unique about this is that the writer needs to be themselves and only themselves. They don't need to make a character and imagine what they would do, they would have to imagine what they themselves would say. Just a paragraph or two, and then they send it to the other writer, who'll try to react the way they would in real life as well. No wish-fullfilment, no tropes, no invisible strings guiding the story to a happy end.

The example above would be for a team with a male and a female writer, who meet each other for the the first time somewhere in public, and the man gathers up the courage to talk to the woman. Actually try to envision what you would say in a real situation, no being mr. Smooth when you can't actually look a girl in the eye in real life. And most importantly, you have no idea how she'll react. There is no guarantee you'll succeed in flirting with her, or where the story will end up.

-Just a single BG and two sprites required if you release it.
-No planning, and will only require a small amount of time per day. Almost like just sending an e-mail
-Two PoV possible if both writers write down their thoughts as well.
-Various other 'Meetings' possible for any combination of persons and genders

-It will be very difficult to actually say what you'd say in real life and not bend reality or the other writer's response to your will.
-Might result in a boring conversation.
-If either writer doesn't respond often, it'll take a long time.
-Might be difficult to determine how much you get to say, and with more than two people the order might become even more difficult to determine.

Some of these stories I already wrote out a bit more descriptively (or extremely more descriptive) when I still planned on writing them myself someday, but I didn’t want to create a wall of text or force your creativity. You can find more expanded versions of them here if you didn’t get enough inspiration yet, but beware that these are written with a more clear game in mind and not really meant to be read by anyone but the writer. (I can be rather convoluted and vague at times, and these tales have not been rewritten to fix that.)

Only Pestilent love is missing in the link, it’s the story that inspired me to make this CC thread so I never wrote it out in the word file. Expect more simply stories like that one to be added here in the future. Doki doki science gods love is pretty much what’s already written here but with a weird system I don’t even remember writing. Beware of Psycho tower and Pesky hero though, they are ridiculously descriptive! Pesky hero! has even been developed to the point of 65 pages with actual writing before I figured it was going nowhere and scrapped it. BTW, if you want to use any of the written chapters for inspiration, placeholders or even as a semi-final product, go right ahead. They’re CC as well.
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Re: Creative Commons plot ideas thread [CC]

#2 Post by Anne » Thu Oct 27, 2016 6:27 am

Lots of fun ideas in your document :)
By the way, have you played her tears were my light? (science gods made me think you might find this project interesting)

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Re: Creative Commons plot ideas thread [CC]

#3 Post by Mammon » Thu Oct 27, 2016 6:58 am

Lots of fun ideas in your document :)
Thanks, I hope they'll help a few writers get their inspirational juices going some day!
By the way, have you played her tears were my light? (science gods made me think you might find this project interesting)
I have, that game was amazing and I loved the meta-elements. That was actually the VN that gave me the idea for Science gods if I remember correctly. I tend to make my own story or original-character-do-not-steal with pretty much every game I play and serie I watch, and every 1/30 of those turns into a viable storyline like these. So after a while, the ideas kinda start to piling up.

But now that you mention it: other acknowledgements I should make, *edit; added to OP

BTW, are these ideas actually helping people finding inspiration of their own, or would a different format of plot CC work better? Other possibilities I could think of:
-Would placeholder first scenes work better? What I mean; people can have some real difficulty coming up with a story when looking at an empty screen trying to come up with a story or that elusive first sentence, would anyone like to have a (very stereotypical and uninspired/non-descript) placeholder first chapter? F.E. you're trying to come up with a zombie-themed story and you need a generic first chapter for it. I had this lying around anyways, if anyone needs a stereotypical opening of a different genre, just ask.
-That someone posts a problem in their plot or a need for side-characters/arcs with a minimal description of what they'll be needing.

Want some CC sprites?

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