100+ 360° Photos of Japan (mostly of Tokyo)

This section is for people to post assets that people can use in their games. Everything here should have a creative commons or other open license, or be in the public domain.
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100+ 360° Photos of Japan (mostly of Tokyo)

#1 Post by ComputerArt.Club » Wed Mar 28, 2018 10:59 am

Here you will find 100+ 360° photographs of Tokyo and Hakone that I took during a recent holiday there.
There are date locations (Odaiba's retro arcade, parks and Hello Kitty/Sanrio/Puroland), creepy houses, graveyards, temples, schools (exteriors mostly), streets, tourist destinations, art exhibits etc. I might add more with time.

I didn't have as much time to take these and I didn't use a tripod for most of them so the quality isn't good enough to use in a game, still you may find them useful for reference images. Please do not use the images themselves without modification - there may be copyrighted content (logos, magazine covers, etc.) or visible faces. Use them as reference only. A small credit in the thanks section of your game would be appreciated but is not necessary.

Click on the images to view in 360.

I lived in Tokyo for two years and took a lot of photographs while there (225+ GB), hopefully a lot better quality than the 360 photographs. Eventually I would like to share some here too, but even though I took comparatively fewer 360 photos it still took me awhile to process them for uploading here. Don't hold your breath though, unfortunately I have not made a lot of progress on my game projects recently and I need to spend some time on them before I try to further process them. I'll probably try and upload them in small batches to reduce the workload and the time required.

Let me know if this is useful or what kind of reference you need. I live in Taiwan at the moment, so there is some level of cultural overlap. I've since found a more portable and faster to use tripod for the 360 camera that works quite well so the quality of my 360 photographs is improving.

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