Medley's Royalty-Free BGM Thread =)

This section is for people to post assets that people can use in their games. Everything here should have a creative commons or other open license, or be in the public domain.
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Medley's Royalty-Free BGM Thread =)

#1 Post by Medlius » Wed Jul 15, 2020 6:48 am

Hello, all! I'm an independent artist who likes to write for a myriad of genres, though the focus of this thread will mostly be on what I create under Creative Commons Attribution.

These are mainly old ideas, as I've been told by many of my friends that my early piano/minimalist stuff sounds perfect for video games. As such, here are a few short patterns ready for use. These can be downloaded free-of-charge, but generous payments/donations are always welcome - I like making music, and if possible I would like to turn this into a steady revenue stream so I can keep bringing more of this material for use in the VN world!

Piano Improv 1

Piano Improv 2


The following are previews of upcoming future releases. These are much, much more sophisticated pieces - as such, it's likely I will create looping versions for smaller sections as well as a complete version for each piece in its entirety. These are old ideas, as well - in fact, they are from much earlier than the previous 3 - but they are every bit as enchanting although they are not complete at this time. Nonetheless, download links are available should anyone find a use for them as they are.

A Wonderful Town (WIP)

Cascade (WIP)

The Sanctuary In The Sky (WIP) ... he-sky-wip

Now to plug all my other stuff! :p

My email, for anyone who wants to commission a track:

My Soundcloud:

My (metal) Youtube:

and bonus points, my DA:

fingers crossed that i can save up for a drawing tablet soon

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