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[FREE MUSIC] Emotional and high-quality!

Posted: Fri May 07, 2021 1:54 am
by gilmmy
I'm Gil/Gio, a small Brazilian composer. I've created a song recently based on a story idea, and I'm sharing it (one-track only for now) with you: you can use however you like under the CC Attribution-ShareAlike license (also allowing commercial use).

This track is mainly composed by cello, and there's two versions of it: with solo and with no solo.
It was also made to be a Vocaloid song instrumental, so if you see it somewhere, it's probably me. :wink:
One more thing! On Bandcamp, you can download it for free by clicking at Buy Digital Album, entering "0 USD" and clicking on download to your computer.

Please lemme know if you use it and consider supporting me! You can order a track made especially for you through!

(monochrome is for the the instrumental only, no solo! blue monochrome contains solo.)