[Group Play 15] Toketsu

A weekly event where a random games is played and discussed.
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[Group Play 15] Toketsu

#1 Post by Auro-Cyanide » Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:05 am


Group Play is a weekly event in which one game is selected to be promoted within the forums to be played by us as a group. It provides an opportunity to promote some smaller games that would otherwise get lost, promote discussion and promote creativity. This isn't just about the creators of the games, but also us as a community. It acts as a way for us to analyse work as creative people and for us to develop the necessary critical language to develop and pursue our work.


This week's game is "Toketsu" by Clannadman!

You can find links to the game here: Toketsu


There are some rules to follow in the following discussion about the game.

- In your primary comment on the game, please try to mention one thing you liked and one thing you think could be improved. This is in the spirit of giving both encouraging and helpful comments to the creators. You may of course go beyond this with praise or critique. I can't enforce this rule, I'll just silently judge you.

- Please try to do one play-through or enough of the game to develop a solid opinion. Some things can be commented on early on, but things like plot might be best left until you finish the game.

- There is no rule as to whether you post here only or in the completed game topic. Feel free to do as you like. This is just a space to discuss this game while playing it at the same time as others.

- Please try to think about the game play as a whole, as well as the different parts that make up the game.

- Please be respectful to the game and creator. You don't have to like a game, but you should be respectful to the effort.

- Please follow the forum rules.


If you would like to make your own suggestions and haven't already, please feel free to PM them to me.

These are the current guidelines for suggestions:

- Anyone can send me 3 games (VN, KN Sim, whatever, just from these forums or related to) that they think are worth playing by PM.
- There can only be three suggestions per person and if a game gets suggested multiple times, they still only get one draw.
- You may suggest your own games.
- For now they must not be 18+, just because we want to encourage everyone to join first up. If it goes well, maybe something can be arranged for the big kids.
- Please try to make sure the game is short (around a max of 30,000 words). It isn't a hard and fast rule, but it's easier to make time for smaller games and it will give this a greater chance of success.
- They must be free and preferably available on all 3 platforms, again for easy access.

And with that, let the games begin!

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Re: [Group Play 15] Toketsu

#2 Post by Hijiri » Fri Sep 14, 2012 12:16 pm

Read it when it first came out. The first time I did, I had a bit of trouble understanding what was going on, but enjoyed it nonetheless. After rereading it, I could finally get a better understanding of it. The narrative was wonderful and enjoyable, and the tone carried throught the game just fits perfectly with the music and art. It really is quite a gem.
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Re: [Group Play 15] Toketsu

#3 Post by Arelune » Sat Sep 15, 2012 7:37 am

When I opened it I was first enthralled by the main screen. I really liked it, it has this spooky feeling. I think the strongest point of this game is that it uses everything effectively to set it's tone. The grey backgrounds, gui, etc. nothing feels out of place.
I was sometimes confused by the story, and didn't feel much, but I guess that was kind of the point? I also really loved the music that played during the fire.

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Re: [Group Play 15] Toketsu

#4 Post by cuttlefish » Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:21 am

I didn't really like reading everything line by line. The phrases were so short, I didn't see why I had to click to read the next part. It would have been better in NVL format as far as presentation is concerned. The benefits of NVL format would be slightly less confusion when understanding the story (I took great advantage of rollback), although the writing style itself is pretty vague (except for chapter four).

There was one (purposely done?) typo in the beginning, and in chapter one there was what felt like funky grammar ("And so it was..." comma placing) and strange diction (gray sky glowering; why not?), but otherwise there weren't many technical errors that distracted me *thumbs up* But then again, I might've been too distracted deciphering the story to take note of any other technical errors : P

The music and flashing effects for the chapter screens were nice. I also liked the music for the fire scene. Out of all the chapters, I liked chapter four the best (before the cut to the beginning-end parallel): Unlike the rest of the KN, chapter four wasn't vague or trying to sound clever, which is basically my issue with this KN.

- Don't say "read carefully" when you're just writing vaguely and only giving the story line by line : (
- The ... .. . series seemed pretty useless. If this was supposed to be some sort of fading effect, it might've worked better in NVL format.
- Chapter three was a doozy due to vagueness.
The neighbor was the inhabitant too?
The woman in the beginning wrote the diary?
And then went into 3rd person at the end?
NVL format please!
- There was one thing I didn't like about chapter four: shovel vs. spade. Sticking with one of those words for consistency would've made the story clearer. Because I wasn't sure what image to picture in my head, I began to question whether what happened was possible.

So if this KN was about how life isn't logical, that is dead wrong.
There is logic in life, but then the KN seems to confuse logic with purpose.
Life to be entertaining or clever would be a purpose.
Life to just be or exist is also a purpose, albeit not a purpose many find purposeful.

I think the KN was trying to get at how life doesn't always meet our expectations of what is reasonable? I mean, it's illogical to think nothing bad would happen to a good person. What's to stop a car from crashing into a good person or a bad person if they were both in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Although I didn't find anything precious in the story (and many things to disagree with), I guess I was fortunate as much as I was unfortunate to read this KN. I gained meaning from it although the story itself was pointless and admits to this in the end.

I don't think this KN is worth playing through, unless you like monochrome graphics and vague, clever-sounding writing.
(I don't have anything against the graphics, although adding more graphics to illustrate the writing would help alleviate the vagueness.)

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Re: [Group Play 15] Toketsu

#5 Post by SusanTheCat » Sun Sep 16, 2012 12:39 pm

It feels like a novel that is try very hard to be literature.

The sound-scape is awesome and very immersive.

The story reminded be of the short stories we were forced to read in English class. Like brussel sprouts for your mind.

I didn't like it personally. But I would recommend it to someone who likes performance pieces.

Let's play can be found here: http://youtu.be/99kATb6HK_o

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