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KimKat's Art

#1 Post by KimKat » Sat Aug 11, 2018 1:05 pm

Hi everyone! I thought I'd share some of my work on here and get some feedback/critique! I've been on and off drawing for a while now, and it's been great to get back to it after a few years of not really drawing consistently. I spent a good 1+ year before this drafting a lot, so it didn't afford me a lot of time to draw for fun.

I've got a few ideas for VNs bouncing around in my head inspired by some old RPs I participated in way back when. If I do pursue it (which is still completely up in the air lol), I'll want to brush up on my portraits more. I got inspired by Fire Emblem Fates' style of portraits and ran with it more recently. I love it, but it takes a lot longer than I'd like still. OTL

For more of stuff, you can find it on tumblr (kimkatart) or IG (miss_curio). I still need to upload a lot of commissions I did over on Gaia Online onto my tumblr officially though.
Sketch Practice 8-9-18.jpg
Random poses I sketched out but didn't follow through with recently... :D I do this a lot. LOL
I got hit with a recent Animal Crossing nostalgia... I want to play again. ;A;
KimKatACShrunk.png (93.73 KiB) Viewed 307 times
Sketch Sami-Fire.png
Sketch commission with flats from Gaia Online
Sketch 8-11-18 WIP.jpg
WiP that I'm currently working on... I'm trying my hand at sprites with multiple expressions.
Commission from Gaia Online that I ended up adding a quick blinking animation to as a bonus. Fairly happy with how it turned out.
Sketch Practice 5-27-18.png
Second attempt at a portrait... I keep messing with how I shade to try and get it right.
Lecia Sagax Shrunk.png
The first time I tired the Fire Emblem stylized portraits... She was meant to be a character for a RP, but the RP never came to fruition. OTL

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Re: KimKat's Art

#2 Post by Zelan » Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:05 pm

I like your style! The clean lines are really nice, and you did a great job with the Fire Emblem style (good choice for your forum avatar)!

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