Rain's Art (light NSFW included)

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Rain's Art (light NSFW included)

#1 Post by rainarium » Fri Aug 09, 2019 4:32 am

What's up people!

I go by another alias, but would prefer to keep my dev account and personal/main art account separate. I'll be sharing experimental drawings and doodles. It'll be a mix of old and new stuff. For a while, I've been interested in being a sprite artist for VNs/games, but have mainly focused on character illustrations. NSFW pics will not be inserted for your convenience (click the link!). Your feedback and thoughts are welcome.

Shinobu doodle
This was a request from a stream.


Failed OC Print Design
I remember working on this for so long, but ultimately hating it. Looking at it now, I think I'd be able to salvage it. I know the foreshortening hand is really off and I still can't imagine visually how to fix it.


Alpha Character Designs for my VN
Initially, I didn't want to share these, but I've already moved on to beta designs so I thought why not. I'm only sharing it here though, ehehe.


Fairly suggestive OC doodle
Looking at older art makes me wanna salvage the designs to create OCs


Another "failed" charm design | Hanamaru (Aqours)
Overall, I still like the composition and motif I went with. Something just felt off at the time and I had a sort of style crisis. I can definitely fix this up and make it an actual charm though!


Lewd Hanamaru
In the lewd mood and vented my frustrations to this. It's pretty rough, but I think I drew the tits soft and nice lol


Lewd Emilia (Re:ZERO)
Horny rain. Gotta admit I still like it, ahaha.


Well, that concludes the post for now. I tried to use only art that I felt was worth sharing, was most recent, and that I drew for myself. Thanks for checking this out. I'll try to update bit by bit when I dig around my files more.
for taking the time to read and reply

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Re: Rain's Art (light NSFW included)

#2 Post by namastaii » Fri Aug 09, 2019 12:00 pm

Looks lovely <3

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Re: Rain's Art (light NSFW included)

#3 Post by SinaAzad » Thu Aug 15, 2019 12:48 pm

hey interesting artwork, link to DA, Instagram or any other place I can follow your work?
I am very proud to be a part of this generous, nice and friendly community!
but please, don't go around telling people that their work is somehow off! thats not how critique works!
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