Night at the Hospital Walkthrough [official]

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Night at the Hospital Walkthrough [official]

#1 Post by CheeryMoya » Mon Jun 17, 2013 4:12 pm


The suggested Ending order to play is 321

Walkthrough (also on the website)

  • 1. Spectre: Be nice to Luka! Even if he’s not exactly leading you around, he is your companion for most of the night.
    2. Vacuum: Cuddle with the silly lil’ Luka~ Don’t be too mean to him either.
    3. Possessive: Well, Luka is a stranger. Finding Steve is your first priority.
Spoilers Guide
Note: Endings are point-based so you may be able to choose different answers than the ones listed here and still get a certain ending.
  • 1. Spectre:
    -“I can understand that.”
    -“If you need to, you can have my jacket.”
    -“High school’s stupid, anyways.”
    -“They’re papers in a medical facility.”
    -“Take your time.”
    -“Can you help me?”
    2. Vacuum:
    -“I can understand that.”
    -“Let’s cuddle for warmth.”
    -“I dunno, I just get the feeling.”
    -“We can always cuddle.”
    -“I’ll look around.”
    3. Possessive:
    -“Maybe you’re overreacting?”
    -“I need to find my friend.”
    -“Because I found them.”
    -“Again? We can’t keep stopping like this.”
    -“This is a storeroom.”

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